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Boston Butt.


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My last pork butt was from 'Hook & Block' Not had any issues with their meat and price wise it was fair and delivery prompt, well I thought so. Just recently smoked some of their pork ribs, again very good and have a medium brisket and a leg of lamb sitting in the freezer also from them. If I want better quality, is it though? I tend to buy from 'Turner & George' at Smithfield! Again never had any issues with them and they tend to be able to supply TriTip! even if it is a little on the mean size, 14oz What is the equivalent to tri-tip in the UK?  Any butchers out there tell me? I've a feeling we sell it as steaks of some kind! Maybe thats why some steaks tend to be tough? Profit over quality!

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?Terrific. Confirms what I thought was the case, tends to be cut and sold as steaks. All I need to do now is convince my supplier to sell it to me as a big joint and not a 14oz steak! Though less profit in it for him I imagine so it wont be easy. Thanks for the info..  

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