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Get the sausage machine out.


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About 5 years ago we splashed out on an MGB 120 sausage machine,   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8pGni9nHXY

We made some....all different shapes &, sizes.  ?    they were brilliant,  but we haven't made any for ages, that's going to change.

Now with our renewed interest in all things meat & cheese tonight we took it out of its prison in the rear of the bottom cupboard.

It's all there, I've ordered a pack of casings from  butchers-sundries.com should be here by Sat ...let hope.

We're off to Bookers on Sat for pork shoulder....let the good times roll.  :yahoo:


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After posting this thread,  Rosie said "don't forget all those sausage recipes that you downloaded",  which I had,  just like me.

She found the folder in amongst the 70? odd cookbooks she has,  I'm not sure, nay can't remember how many I did print off, it's like a sausage bible.

As we flicked through them the third or fourth down was for Hotlink, the recipe that Paul was asking about the other week.  In fact, there are two recipes so far for hot links, and they are different.

I'm going to find time and sort through them and will post some recipes as a PDF file that way if folks want they can print them off.   :thumb1:







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