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24 hour Brisket.


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Yesterday morning Rosemary vac packed a rolled brisket and put it in the sous vide water bath,  set at 74c for 24 hrs. We've never done beef this long before...but it's how it's going to be cooked from now on.

It's so good, soft very much like a pastrami without the spices.  We've just had a full roast with Yorkshires tatties the full works.



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We've had the sous vide for years, think it cost about £55/£60 it's a great way to cook. Vac pack and just leave it to do its job.  Until we started with bbqing ribs we always sous vide ours and made pulled pork.  We just love cooking and eating good food,   we also make our own ice cream, bought the machine as an ex-display about 4 years ago.  Folks love the taste of real vanilla ice cream, and they like to add their own flavor toppings.


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Bought cheap rolled brisket from Lidl .  Experiment in cheap cheap see how it comes out is the aim. It has been in the fridge like this for 6 days.


Opened up and look what i found


It actually feels really nice. typical corned beef structure.

I on the spur decided to give it a decent amount of ground pepper, a very very  light touch (not all over) amount of celery salt, a scattering of mustard powder, 


The i put in  vac bag add added tiny drops of liquid smoke into the bag




Now it is back  in the fridge for a couple of hours, then I will sous vide it at 65 degs c for 24 hours..

More to follow.  I thinking I will use the torch to crisp it up or the skillet, 

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Yes, going to find out. I will put it on now. then tomorrow and then let it rest until dinner. Lots of the web says add table spoon of liquid smoke, but the bottle says a couple of drops in a sauce,  less is more.  I can always put it on smoker for an hour of if it turns out not to be enough

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Back in Aug when we did this it was our first try at such a long cooling time,  Since then we've done a number of joints at slightly shorter times,  our 2" think ribeyes came out after 70mins and were perfect.  We can't make up our minds what meat to have on chrimbo day,  it looks like we will go for a beef,  maybe a brisket,  more likely a hunk (2kgs) of decent sirloin,  that will go in around 60c for about 5 hours....then a sear.

We're off to Booker on Wed afternoon,  for all the meat,  we need lamb shanks for Friday night as we have friends coming round, and something for Sat for more friends, don't know what yet???


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Just had a taste of the brisket after 24 hours and the mustard and pepper taste comes through lovely.   There is hickory taste on the tip of my tongue to which is liquid smoke, so all the flavours are there. I thin less of the liquid smoke will take a little of the bitterness away. It definitely has the same zing as smoking but not the fullness It is tighter not a languish around your around your tongue and cheeks smoke flavour I will take pic when when I carve for dinner.  Will use the flame gun to crisp it up

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Bag out after 24 hours at 65 degs c


I poured out the juice to go on gravy. Then double wrapped in foil and left to rest for 2 hours. 

Unwrapped and flamed with torch.


I would like it more pink so 60 degs next time



The gravy is delicious.


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