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The Village Butchers - BBQ Ribs and Wings deal


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This post is a review of of the BBQ Ribs & Wings meat deal that The Village butchers do on their website. I thought about maybe combining this one with Injaredsworld's excellent post, but I was going to do a few followups as I cook the contents each week and I didn't want to take over the whole thread.

I mentioned on my Roll Call post that I've taken up the challenge of cooking Sunday dinner on my offset every week for the whole year in order to get better at smoking (although I actually started in December!). The thing is, I need to keep the costs to a reasonable level, and I'm only really cooking for my wife and 5 year old son, particularly during lockdown. So cooking a monster brisket every week is not really an option. So I started looking around to see if there were any good box deals online that consisted of items that can be smoked and eaten in one dinner with only a few leftovers for lunches during the week,

The issue with most online butchers is that their bulk deals often include a lot of steaks, burgers etc. for grilling and that wasn't really what I'm after. However I did stumble across the BBQ Wings and Ribs deal at The Village Butchers. I've bought and cooked this box twice now.

For £52.99 you get:

1 x rack of St Louis spare ribs 

1 x rack beef short ribs

1 x box chicken wings (I'd say 20 wings on average)

The last two times I've ordered I've had a 10% off voucher code from them by email. So add in £5.49 postage and the total comes up as £53.19. Note that when I first ordered this back in December the deal was £49.99 so it's not quite as good as it once was.

In general I get 5 Sunday dinners out of each box. That's one Sunday dinner for each rack of ribs, then wings three times, so I usually alternate wings and ribs each weekend. Each meal usually then has a few leftovers for me to eat a small barbecue lunch 1-2 times a week.

Overall I would say that none of the individual parts I've bought are the best I've ever had, but the quality is acceptable for the price. If I just wanted any one of the pieces I would get better at the local butchers. I think some people may find the beef ribs are perhaps not a generous as they could be. If you're buying them separately they do either a 2kg or 3kg rack, in the Rib and Wing box you usually get something with 4 ribs at around 2.2kg.

The longest I've had to wait for delivery is 4 days, so if you order early in the week you should have it by the weekend. This time it arrived in 2 days. I took some pictures so you can see what's in the box and how it's packaged:


Everything is in a reflective insulated package in the box with a couple of ice packs. You get a notification when the delivery is out and it has always arrived fairly early in the morning (8am):

IMG_20210302_082304.thumb.jpg.87a9d2f9e4f6b4565fd5585b37cfafe4.jpg IMG_20210302_082330.thumb.jpg.0269f95d372db4aabfa913c666b7b071.jpg


Short ribs:



St. Louis Spare Ribs:



Chicken Wings:



So far the quality has been fairly good and the price is OK so I'm happy. But nothing is stunning in my opinion. Has anyone else found a better deal if you BBQ frequently?

I will probably stop back here each week with some pictures as I cook each piece.


Best regards,





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I have a Booker card so I buy most of our meat/chicken from them, the Belvedere Meaty Pork Spare Ribs are brilliant and I know a number of us on here do buy them.  I've looked at some of the online butcher sites and when I put my money head on I change my mind and leave it.

I understand some cuts of meat are hard to find in most butchers. but if you know some one with a Booker card you are allowed to shop with them...just my 2 cents.



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11 minutes ago, SmokeyTom said:

Unfortunately I don't think I know anyone with a card but it's not something I have looked at in detail either. How do you get one? I guess they only serve businesses. 

It's not unknow for folks to make up a fake invoice and take that to join...😎..not that I'm saying do that...😵.

I believe they don't check any info unlike Costco....and they don't have a charge for the card...I'm a one man self-employed and I had no problems getting a card some 4 years back.  We buy in bulk and save loads on basic items.



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26 minutes ago, martin_b said:

Interesting.. I've got my own limited company, would that be good enough?  Or would the fact I'm an IT consultant exclude me? 

Same as me dude, if I remember I started the ball rolling online that gave me a number I then went to our  local store and the lady setup the card right away.




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