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  1. St. Louis spare ribs this weekend. I was really happy with my last effort but still some things I can improve on so really looking forward to it. Fingers crossed for the weather as you say. What cut of steak are you doing?
  2. Link to thread showing the wings from this box smoked with magic dust rub: https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/topic/4435-chicken-wings-with-magic-dust/ Tom
  3. Nothing spectacular, but I've been smoking chicken wings 2-3 times a month recently. I'm finding them particularly more-ish with "magic dust" rub. (I really like rubs with Cumin) Takes about 1.5 hours on my offset at 135C. Here's my effort from Sunday, done with a mixed hardwood fire. I used yellow mustard initially to help the rub stick. Recipe for "Magic Dust": 4 parts Paprika 2 parts Salt 2 parts Brown sugar 1 parts Mustard powder 2 parts Chili powder 2 parts Cumin
  4. Welcome. Make sure to send a pic of the TIE Bomber when it's finished!
  5. I use my offset fairly frequently. I have an Oklahoma Joe Highland. It's a fairly popular model so there are plenty of YouTube vids of people using them. Lots of simple modifications you can make to squeeze more out of them too. (you will definitely want to get some high temp sealant and some stove door tape) In general the bigger and thicker the better (both for ease of control and longevity) but a Highland or anything about that size would be about right for your needs. Pictures below show overall size and how much real estate you get inside. I use a 1/3 gastropan for water
  6. Sounds like they probably took it down temporarily to alter the price, and that's when I was trying to look at it. The link's working for me now though so thanks. Tom
  7. Did this thing sell out already because that link just takes me to the front page and I've search and it doesn't show up? Tom
  8. Unfortunately I don't think I know anyone with a card but it's not something I have looked at in detail either. How do you get one? I guess they only serve businesses.
  9. This post is a review of of the BBQ Ribs & Wings meat deal that The Village butchers do on their website. I thought about maybe combining this one with Injaredsworld's excellent post, but I was going to do a few followups as I cook the contents each week and I didn't want to take over the whole thread. I mentioned on my Roll Call post that I've taken up the challenge of cooking Sunday dinner on my offset every week for the whole year in order to get better at smoking (although I actually started in December!). The thing is, I need to keep the costs to a reasonable level, and I'm only
  10. Agree with Chae regarding online butchers. I've only really used The Village Butchers so far (since my local butchers is actually pretty good), but I've had decent beef short ribs, spare ribs (St. Louis cut), and chicken wings from them. Not tried them for Brisket though. I was a bit dubious shopping for meat online, and generally I prefer to use local shops if I can, but they've impressed me so far. There are plenty of others out there.
  11. I know this isn't incredibly helpful but I think you're probably on the right track with the highland. I had a similar budget in mind when I bought my last smoker and ended up going with the highland and have been fairly happy with it. It needs sealing up a bit but its much better than my last smoker, a Landmann Grand Tennessee, which was somewhere in the £400 range when I got it, and isn't produced any more. The other good thing about the highland is it's a well known model and there's loads of videos on YouTube on how to cook with it or modify it to get the most out of it. Those ar
  12. HI All, This question was what promoted me to join the forum: One issue I've not really found an ideal solution to yet is sourcing consistent firewood in decent quantities for running my stick burner. When I'm smoking on the offset I just run a pure wood fire with just a few briquettes at the beginning to get things started. Now I can get either wood chips or chunks from a single species very easily, but when it comes to getting decent sized splits in the UK the options seem a bit more limited. Generally I can't get firewood in a single species and in a large quantity. Most fir
  13. Hi I'm Tom and I'm a BBQ/Smoking enthusiast from the county of Shropshire. I first got into general BBQ about 8 years ago thanks to a book my wife got me as a birthday present. Since then I've gradually drifted more and more towards American style smoking in an offset. I started off with a Landman Grand Tennessee, which I unfortunately did not take good enough care of and it rusted right through in the firebox after 7-8 years. I'm now on an Oklahoma Joe Highland, which is a much better smoker in my opinion even though it really does seem to need those sealing modifications to be effective
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