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Tomahawk !!


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This was an epic event 5 Carnivores , 1 Veggi and a Vegan .

My task was to feed the Meateaters !!

These 2 monsters were called into duty !! 

Credit where credit's due the base recipe was from  Malcom Reid YouTube linked here if anyone needs . 

Im quite familiär with reverse Sear but this was Zap then bring em up slowly .

I used a salt/ white pepper prep rub to draw up the moisture .

Then some Ankerkraut BBQ WIESEL magic beef dust which I know to be tried and trusted .

VEERING  away (1) from the video I injected the T'hawks with an infusion of Beef stock, 1Tsp Marmite and crumbled an Oxo cube to enhance the richness .This I pumped in from both sides until oozing .

The  Sear was done at 600+ On a Weber Gas ( I found it hard to maintain the 600 on the grill for the 4 Mins per side . - which would have been easier in my charcoal grill  hence a back end sear)m was decided upon) 

Then the slow cook was for about an hour 15 and I added veer  no 2 ( some peaty whiskey chunks to smoke away in the corner .

Basted with some chopped "Frankfurter Grune Sauce Herbs, butter , garlic and the Marmite infusion mixed with some dripped meat juices . 

Pulled it off at what I thought was 50 using my non temp probe ( very retro ) and put it to rest for 20 Mins 

Veer no3 to finish em off I 600 seared again 90 secs a side a side to mature the crust .

I was pretty sure it was accurate and the press technique also told me time was up .

The  flavour was fantastic and I was catering for 3 MR and 2 Rare is definitely the 3 were over the moon. 

Was very happy with the bark , the whiskey had done its work and infused even with such a short smoke time.

the meat was extremely tender though the fats had not completely rendered . 

There's a little left over for beef sarnies so I suppose the proof of the pudding .....bla bla 

I do though think Tomahawks are as much for show than anything else . When you are already coughing up a hefty dollop of cash paying for the bone which serves only to help handling and optics is a clear consideration. My Rhodesian Ridgeback will disagree. 

Below: the before, during and after.










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I am just starting a charcoal briquette comparison, one of which will be the Cococabana. I have been waiting for the last of the bags to arrive and I will start it on Tuesday or Wednesday next week when I return from the tailgate. It will be a mix of "premium" and "supermarket" brands, coconut, briquettes and lumpwood charcoal.


Just waiting on some restaurant grade charcoal to arrive.

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