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“Homemade” Portable Electric Smoker.

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Needed a little portable Grill/Smoker for when I go away camping. Went to buy some Heat Beads from The Range, and saw this?


Great as a weekend get away Grill. Uses a battery operated fan to feed the fire basket, and the fan speed is adjustable.

Got it home, then the cogs started turning, add a lid/top and it’s a little Portable Electric Smoker.

Back our shopping for a suitable lid, 


Found a 28cm Stock Pot, took the handles off and turned them through 180’ and refitted.


You can see the fan speed variable Controller (runs of batteries) at the bottom of the picture. 

First cook was a ScottyBab, controlled this around 200’C


First lesson learnt, put a rack under what’s being cooked as the Griddle plate gets really hot, might even put a Terracotta Saucer as a heat deflector.




Served with Cabbage, Onion, Tomato (no Cucumber for me!) Chilli Sauce and Garlic Mayo.




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It has its own starting system. Their is a dish below the fire basket, which you can put Lighter Gel in, light it then put the fire basket on top, with the fan on full.

I placed 4 Heat beads in the fire bowl, then placed on a flame to start them. Then place into the Cooker with fan on full then added more beads on top.

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