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The ScottyBab by @Angus & Oink pictures by @Mike Cheryl Saunders



1Kg of Lamb Mince

80g Shawarma Rub

Pitta Breads




White Cabbage

Red & Yellow Peppers

Pickled Jalapeños


Set your BBQ Grill up for indirect Cooking 150'C 300'F

Combine the Lamb Mince with the Shawarma Rub (you can alter the quantities of meat, but its an 8% Rub to Meat)

Form the Mince into a Cigar Shape.

Cover with Clingfilm and refrigerate over night for flavours to improveand for the kebab to firm up.

Cook with indirect heat for an IT of68'C 155'F, turning at least once to give even cooking.

While the kebab is cooking, chop the Salad so it resembles the "Kebab Shop" Salad.

When the Kebab is almost cooked, char the skin of the peppers on the hot coals.

When ready to place Pitta Breads over the heat for 30 seconds a side max, slice on side open to form the pocket.

Load with the Salad and Kebab Meat, serve with your favourite Chilli Sauce, Garlic Mayo etc.    


80 grams of Shawarma Rub from @Angus & Oink


Combine Mince with the Rub.


Form a cigar, Cling Film and refrigerate over night.


Cook using indirect heat.


Cooking nicely.


Char the Pepper Skins


Chop the "Kebab Shop" Salad.


Kebab ready, get those Pitta Breads on and warmed through.


Peppers nicely charred.


Kebab sliced and ready to load into the Pitta Breads.


All sauced up with Chilli Sauce and Mayo


Its going to get messy!  


Pickled Jalapeños to accompany the kebab.



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Very gracious of you not to nick the credit, irrespective, I'm going to be all over that like a tramp on chips.  I live in a 1 horse town and do miss a good kebab after a late one in the local, this could be the answer!!

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Extremely benevolent of you not to scratch the credit, regardless, I will be all over that like a tramp on chips. I live in a 1 pony town and do miss a decent kebab after a late one in the nearby, this could be the appropriate response!!


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