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Hangikjöt - Better known as Icelandic smoked lamb


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One of my customers has Icelandic friends and they were recently given some Hangikjöt. They enjoyed it so much that they asked me if I could produce some for them. Without hesitation I immediately replied... "WTF is Hangikjöt???"

I did a bit of investigation online and found that it is effectively lamb with a gammon or bacon cure that is smoked. There are actually several versions - one that is wet brine cured, another that is dry cured - both of which you roast. Another is dry cured and then air dried. As we were so close to Christmas I thought that it would be worth giving the wet brine roasting joint style a try. As they raise lamb on their farm, they supplied the lamb and I am doing the rest. 

*** just a note on the smoking. The Icelandic's burn animal dung for the authentic smoke flavour - but my EHO didn't seem too keen on that. I am therefore using Hickory instead.

A selection of lamb joints


As a first attempt and with limited time, I am doing an injection cure. This will not only speed up the cure time but will also help protect against sour bone.


Left for 7 days to cure and now in the smoker


They have already had a day and a half in the smoker. I will take them out tomorrow and vac pac them, place hem in the fridge to allow the smoke flavour to penetrate between now and Christmas.

I am curious as to how they will turn out. I will let you know.

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