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Smoked Turkey Leg

Smokin Monkey

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1 Turkey Leg

4 Litres Of Water


200g Kosher Salt

160g Brown Sugar (Darker the better)

2TBS Garlic Powder

2TBS Onion Powder

2TBS Red Chilli Flakes

2TBS of your favorite Poultry Rub

1TBS of Hot Sauce 

Fill a bowl with 2 Litres of water. Add the kosher salt and stir until salt is dissolved and water is clear. Add brown sugar and stir until it is dissolved.

Put 1 Litre of water into a sauce pan and add the garlic/onion powder, red pepper flakes, Poultry rub, and Tabasco to the water. Stir to mix then heat until it is very hot (not necessarily boiling). The heat will bring the oils out of the pepper flakes and help to meld the other flavors together. Allow the mixture to simmer just shy of boiling for about 15 minutes or so.

Add the heated mixture to the 2 Litres of water.

Either cool with a good handful of ice cubes or add an extra 1 Litre of Cold Water, place in the fridge until cool. The brine should be cold enough to use now.

Place the turkey legs into a very large ziploc bag or a large bowl with a lid will also work. Pour the brine over the turkey legs making sure that they are completely covered.

Refrigerate and Brine for 8-10hours or overnight.

Set Smoker up for indirect cooking @ 105’C (225’F). I used a GMG pellet smoker with Texas Blend Pellets. Cooked for approximately 4 hours until IT was 74’C (165’F), then rest for 30 minutes.



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Just picked up from Morrisons on the butchers counter a turkey leg and thigh combination, Costs me £4.60 for for the 2 items weigh 1.6kg and so much meat. I brine them together in Madcows solution for 24 hours and slow cook them. Did some last month and they were delicious, Ridiculous amount of meat for the price.

There are only 2 of us and the thigh alone does turkey and slaw cobs a salad and a stew the next day and the neighbour gets the leg as you  have to buy the 2 and they don't split it. I personally prefer it cold as well 24 hours late,r the flavour from the brine and the cherry wood smoke really shine through.

I personally think they are definitely better if brined than not

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