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Smokevember 2020

Smokin Monkey

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We did this a few years back, and thought it would be fun to do it again in 2020, seen as a lot of people will have time on their hands in the coming month! (Lockdown)

So November is quickly approaching, and the outside temperatures dropping, so its time to get Your Smoke On!


Get Cold Smoking (or Hot Smoke if you prefer) post up some pictures or a recipe, and we will try and find some prizes to give away.



We will give each post a Number, then at the end of November a number will be randomly generated to win. depending on how many prizes we get in, depends on the numbers of winners!


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Swimbo descaled and hacked fillets out.


Cured the salmon overnight in fridge on slanted grate .50 50 salt and sugar. 24 hours.


Rinsed down to get rid of cure and the patted dry and put back in fridge for an hour.

Boiled up the head and scraps to make fish stock to be used in seafood risotto tomorrow.


Now smoking on maple dust in pro q maze. Ceramic bulb plugged into elitech controller set to 20c

Bulb  and probe and maze are in small wsm. Salmon laying flat two fillets weighing in at just over 2.3kg.

Bulbed wrapped to protect from any rain and  insulated in case of cold night. Maze should go for 20 hours plus so overnight smoke.





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