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Low and slow Beef Brisket


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I managed to cook a Beef Brisket low and slow with good results!

I put the brisket in the kamado last night (saturday) at 8:30pm once I got it stable at 225F.

wrapped at 12pm. A little earlier than I wanted...but didnt want to stop up any later.

Temps started to drop at 8am this morning due to ash build up....cleaned it out and topped it up quickly.

Took it out at 2pm with an internal temp of 192F, wrapped and rested for 2 hours.

It took just over 17 hours but happy with the results:D

The smokey flavour was a little more subtle than I expected but Im still learning in that area:5980a344e6cd3_ThumbsUp: 









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40 minutes ago, Justin said:

Very good, well done. I agree more smokey if you do not wrap but then it will take longer too, of course. yes the point is more tender but both have there own flavour and texture strengthen.  Love brisket

i thought there was a slight flavour difference when I tasted it. I thought it was just me lolxD

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