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Smoked Duck Prosciutto

Smokin Monkey

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Smoked Duck Prosciutto


2 Duck Breasts

900g Salt

4g Ground Corriander

4g Ground Fennel

4g Freshly Ground Black Pepper

400g White Wine Vinegar



Rinse and dry the breasts


Make a 1-inch bed of salt in an earthenware or plastic dish.


Place the breasts on the salt.


Cover the breasts with anotheir inch of salt.


Cover the dishs and refrigerate for 24 - 48 hours.

In a small bowl, combine the coriander, fennel and pepper.

Unwrap the duck Breast, rinse them with the vinegar to remove the salt and then rinse 

under cold running water.

Pat the duck breasts completely dry and then rub the spice mixture all over.

Smoke for 8 hours over your favorite wood, I used Cherry supplied by Smokewood Shack.


Wrap the breasts in cheesecloth and knot both ends.

Hang the breasts in a refrigerator.


Let the duck cure until it feels firm but not dry, about two weeks.

Thinner or smaller breasts will take less time.

Remove from the cheesecloth and slice thinly when ready to use.



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Nice one for this: cured a couple on Saturday and now in the new callow (arrived today) to cold smoke until 3am when I have to get up for an early shoot. One of them is rubbed in fennel and pepper and the othe is left as is. Using pear wood and there ina cheese as well.

Question: can I leave these breast to hang outside in the callow for a few days now the weather has cooled? Just want them to dry out a bit more  and I fear my fridge might get a bit smokey if hung in there...



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It will be fine so long as you keep the air flowing through the smoker - but from the forecast you may end up with frozen duck on Thursday. The salt and dehydration will have inhibited the growth of any surface bacteria and spore toxin will not be a problem over such a short time period.

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