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Bit more Iron.


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Now we have the new Lodge #12 to add to our growing list of cast pans,  I've been using the bottom of my old Brinkman to hold the coals.  This got me thinking about a small type of camp stove, same lines has a Joy, then @sotv posted asking about rocket stoves, I've watched YT about making one from an old gas bottle, which I have, I have the tools, but do I have the time??...NO..I don't. Surfing the net for anything that would be small enough to throw in the car for tailgating,  or use in the garage door but still big enough to hold the DO safely I came up on this...https://www.millracegardencentre.co.uk/barrel-bbq-cast-iron.html

Ordered it Feb 6, arrived next day at £16 it's a no brainer, and it'll have a 2nd job working as a heater for the evenings at the tailgates.

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53 minutes ago, Raptor72 said:

old gas bottles really need to make sure they are vented fully etc 

I'm ok with all that mate, I like living too much to do anything stupid....cheers anyway..👍


ps..are you up to the Midland...looking like it's going to be good??



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Gas Cylinders,

Step 1. Remove the Valve

Step 2. Fill with warm soapy water

Step 3. Leave for 2-3 days.

Step 4. Start first cut with the water still inside 

Step 5. Allow water to drain

Step6. Carry on cutting.

This is not an how to do or recommendation, just how I do it. 

If you cut a Gas Cylinder it’s at your own risk 💥

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