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BBQ - smoking Mecca


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7 hours ago, Reesyd said:

Could be. Another big fav of mine is Riverside Garden Centre in Hertfordshire. Dont thibnk they've ever been beaten on price and service is second to none.



I've never been to visit. A little too far but it's where I got my 57cm WSM delivered from online. Must agree great service and price. 

I'm hoping to rebuild my fence next year have a pent shed off it with an extended roof so I can have an outdoor kitchen. 

We had a nice BBQ restaurant in Glasgow last year called "Smoke BBQ" think there is one in Sheffield also. it was really good but it closed last November for some reason. 

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On 10/1/2019 at 9:22 PM, Reesyd said:

Ok. so a couple of views. maybe I should have been a bit clearer.

My present Mecca is Malcolm Reed. Great recipes, great experience, loves a rub, and would love to be able to learn and work with him.

Cheers Reesyd

I watch most of his videos. They are great. 

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Thinking about it. I would say my Mecca would be when I went to Sweden and met up with the brother in law of my wife’s friend who was really into bbq, and probably the reason I’m as into it now as I am. We spent about 3 hours talking about the best way to smoke on a different makes, and when we met up the other year we talked all night about it. 

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