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  1. Very interesting... What is wet ageing please? Cheers
  2. Reesyd

    Lamb on a Kadai

    Cheers guys. Looks likes lots of options for using the tripod.
  3. Reesyd

    Lamb on a Kadai

    Pray tell Smokin Monkey. is it a mainstream item or a bespoke jobby? I've thought of getting the guys in our workshops to weld me some similar type of rods together, or actually buying the Kadai ones and going for it on the 52" weber. After all the Kadai tripods are 10mm bar or so with a split in the end to fit over the edge of the fire bowl. Shouldnt think the 600mm Kadai tripod would be too far out for use on a weber 52"? How do the Kadai's fair in windy weather James?
  4. Reesyd

    Lamb on a Kadai

    Evening all Anyone seen or done this. looks amazing and although Kadai's cost the same or there abouts of a GBS its tempting to buy one. Thinking of cooking over wood this summer. Anyone use Kadai's https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi6_uXKn6rgAhUjQhUIHUHFC-sQFjAAegQIChAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcountrywoodsmoke.com%2Fhanging-smoked-leg-lamb%2F&usg=AOvVaw2c1onIEu4SGgBQWiRqLbfC Cheers, Rees
  5. Ok. so I'm going outside the box with this one. What about if the meat was pre-sliced then cured in the skin? I'm a novice so just saying? Can't speak a word of italian so maybe tye laughing is that they're rejoicing in their efforts?
  6. Hi all So Scott Rea Project Corned Beef Part 2 (Apologies I could change the original title to make one entry) Firstly, I must state I am so glad this piece of briskett did not go in the bin. So after 4 hours I pull this out of the pot. So being red hot from the pan I had to do that thing which Scott does and go for a bit as shown. When warm the meat tears as seen but I suppose this is to be expected. Looks rich and lovely though and very very soft throughout. This did not go to well at this stage! I have not a hate but a distinct dislike of cloves. The taste reminds me of my Grandmothers apple pie with cream. Why ruin apples and cream with cloves?? Not knowing what the effects of saltpeter would have I initially thought that is what it tasted like and I thougfht once Mrs D had tatsed it, it was destined for the bin. Anyway this was around 10pm so Mrs D was sound asleep with the grandchildren. In the morning I suggested she taste some, as I slipped out the door for a bit of golf, and if no good get a chicken in for Sunday lunch. Also spoke to Pa who comes over every if not all Sundays for dinner with the same question. On retrurning home both were very keen to press on with the brisket. So sliced up for dinner. Apologies for going on so now onto the learnings. Would I do it again. Yep. without a shadow of doubt. The clove taste significantly lessened overnight whilst the meat was in the fridge. In fact the table requested it again. It tasted exactly like the tinned stuff which was commented on by all who ate. My brother turned up out of the blue (yeah right) who lives with Pa, and managed a reasonable portion! There wasnt any excessive salt taste at all although, maybe disguised by clove, although I will review the saltpeter and levels of salt used next time. Normally with bacon I can get a thirst on but not with this brisket. A very enjoyable experience by someone whos' never brined before. Now looking forwards to another brisket and other brinable destined for the BBQ foods. There was only one critisism I could have made and this was no fat rolled into the brisket middle as in the first photo. Would have liked some of the external fat in the middle. I will try and source one either not trimmed that well or a larger one to get the fat rolled into the middle. Left overs destined for onions, mash potato and beetroot juice as Mrs D loves corned beef hash and this is what this was made for originally. Overall I was thoroughly impressed with the whole experience and the end product. Not sure I should endorse the recipe but on the whole for health reasons with saltpater and salt levels, but comment above on that considered I would probably do it again without hesitation. It was very tasty. I hope readers got something from the post and give this a try (maybe modified) as it was really good. Cheers, Rees
  7. Evening all, or morning for some maybe, So I put this out there 2 or so weeks ago that I was doing the Scott Rea Project Corned Beef. Many conversations later, with very knowledgeable advice (Smoking Monkey and others) as this almost went straight in the bin, still may yet, and it is sort of ready today. So out of the fridge after 13 days (mmm?), some raw meat looking spots where it had been weighted down but everything else nice and browned and looking as in the vid. I did'nt turn it every day and weight it down with a plate as the weight couldn't do it with the kit I had. So pinned to the deck it was. So into the pan after washing tonight and I'm going to do the full 4 hours as Scott did, not the recommended at least 2 hours, due to certain ingrediants ( the wife thinks the Police, are still going to turn up asking questions, we now have a security area and the Grnadchildren are only allowed in certain parts of the house. Mrs D thought the fridge may go at any moment I kid you not. getting her to eat it still may be a challenge!) I did learn a trick or tip when picking the brisket up from the local butcher though as it had sort of gone around with the lads. This was if you think you've got you're salt right for you're brine an egg should float in it. On arriving home a Taymar class life boat had more chance of sinking than the egg duly presented. This may not be good advice though from a novice briner. Any way, pics thus far below and Part 2 to follow hopefully.
  8. Hi all Doing a corned beef recipe from Scott Rea Project from Youtube. All brined up and cooked, boiled after 10 days or so. At the end, after cooking the briskett he mentions you could do many things with this including smoking. this has stumped me as all the smoking I've had a stab at so far is hot, e.g. whilst cooking on the kettle. I take that this would be cold smoking as I think hot smoking would ruin the briskett/ meat and make it tough? Any advice would be great as I've never done cold smoking of a cooked meat Cheers Rees
  9. Thanks guys Can I ask what wood you used please. Also embers when its died off? and too much? Cheers
  10. Hi all Hope everyone had a great Christmas break and wishing all a Happy new Year. Question I have and apologise if its in the wrong area is does anyone cook over wood rather than briquettes or charcoal in a kettle? i don't mean smoking using chunks but using small logs to cook like you would a camp fire? Cheers
  11. Reesyd


    Hi Wade I'm using Weber briquettes. White 5kg bag. Used the Webers when doing the Turkey which came in a black bag with a glowing briquette picture on the front in the baskets with no problem at all. Can't seem to find the type I am using elswhere except for a local garden centre to me. We done some pork belly ribs this weekend and experienced a massive drop off again,180 down to 100 in no time at all. Good things electric ovens in the event of back up where only a short cook time was needed! We thought that the coals were the issue so will be going back to Riverside in Hertfordshire, where we originally bought our kit from, to order some of the briquettes we initially had. I like them as they claim to have no harmful or chemical additives and we have had no bad tastes from them. BTW you have thrown a spanner in the works ?. ProQ or WSM. In a bit of a conundrum now. Liked the idea of doing a suckling pig but not sure it would go in a WSM. ProQ use it as a selling point on some of the material I've been reading. Cheers Reesyd
  12. Reesyd


    Hi Wade Thanks for the welcome and advice. Agreed. Rottisserie Turkey is superb. Doesn't seem right to be putting it in the oven anymore. I do have one of those instant read thermometers but, under the influence, was better equiped at the time to determine the sausages being grilled were cooked! I initially put them onto cook 2 zone but as the heat started to die of rapidly put them over the coals. Probably not long enough and no more 2 zone for sausages or at least a reverse of the method, cook first, keep warm. Interesting comments on the Slow n Sear. Whilst my experience is limited I have been experiencing a significant drop off in temperature very rapidly using a 2 zone cooking approach with the Weber baskets that came with my one touch and Weber coals I've been using and was thinking if I couldn't get that right what could I reasonably expect from the SNS? As for the advertised "blistering hot sear zone" the fuel would provide this anyway I expect. Agree that the SNS could be a solution looking for a problem so far. Cheers, Reesyd
  13. Reesyd


    Hi All from Westest Wales. Thought Id been BBQing for years until recently. Realise now there's loads to learn after getting a Weber 57" kettle and searching around on youtube. Tried a Weber cooking course and then managed a turkey at Christmas on rottisserie, a beef rib and then a cardinal sin...food poisoning from grilling after tooooo much alcohol! In the throws now of deciding whether to get a Smokey Mountain or Adrenaline BBQ Company Slow n Sear. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Reesyd
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