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Greetings from the Norh


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1 hour ago, Smokin Monkey said:

Once again Steve welcome to the Forum.

We might be short of Brains on here, but we can sure answer any questions you may have.

Kettle BBQ is a good starting tool for Smoking Hot and Cold Foods.

Thanks. I am torn between a ceramic Komodo and offset smokers at the moment. Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

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Hi Steve,  I know how you feel,  I was in the same place this time last year. I went out and bought everything m01100.gif...well not everything but almost,  take some time to have a look at buying/making a UDS

I've got an offset & a big Weber but found myself going back to the Brinkman only the other week and enjoyed running it, I've made a start on a UDS and I do think this will do most things I want to cook/smoke.

The decision is your's thou,  enjoy and just get stuck in dude.  m0114.gif



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