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Hi Folks - just joined Forum.

I have always been very interested in smoking food but never knew where to start. Then, last year I visited the Brogdale National Apple Festival and met Wade.

Saw his smoking demo and the “incinerator” smoker. I have now had a go at smoking bacon using Wades “dry cure bacon kit” which has excellent detailed instructions.

Great result. Got my neighbours to do a taste test and they loved it !!. I was surprised how warm the smoker was inside. I placed the smoke unit in the bottom of the smoker and hung the pork belly over it. The bottom end almost cooked. Maybe I should use an offset box and channel the smoke through some ducting ? I have seen a thread on the forum about this.

I smoked it for 12 hours as I thought any longer and it would cook !! Used the A-maze-n smoker maze with hickory pellets from Woodchurch. Wade has helped me enormously with his advice. Lots more to learn and looking forward to doing some more smoking. I must say this forum is excellent and as a beginner I kow it’s going to be a great help to me. Thanks.

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Hi Malcolm and welcome to the forum. The photos you sent me were very good - could you please start a new thread and post them up for others to see :thumb1:

My bacon making kits are designed to get people started in the simplest way - without any fuss and remaining totally safe. Once you have used a kit is will give you the confidence to tweak the method to tailor it to your own taste. I recommend keeping it simple to begin with - using a simple lemon pepper flavouring - so that you know what bacon should taste like. Once you have made that you will have confidence in the method and can experiment. Over the years I have tried many of the different flavours for the bacon but I always come back to the standard recipe.

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