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Cherry smoked spareribs with cranberry and ginger sauce.


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Today I will be cooking this on the WSM.

I have 2 racks of spareribs totalling 1.4 kg. They are not super meaty but from C J Humphreys farm shop in Fairstead.


1 tbsp demerera sugar. I use soft dark

0.5 tbsp paprika

. 5 tbsp mild chills powder.  I use ancho Grande chilli powder for smoky taste and mild heat. 

1 tsp onion flakes. I used granules.

.5 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp salt.

0.5 tsp ground pepper.




Remove membrane.  I used handle end of a teaspoon to get it started then pull with hands.



Rubbed the lovely rub into the ribs on both sides. Mostly on the meaty side.


Will but 0n WSM at 1. 30. Take a about 3.5 hours at low temp of 130 to 140 degs c with 3/4 full water pan. I will use Weber briquettes minion method and 2 chunks cherry wood. 

I will fill smoker 3/4 full briquettes and use the sprayed a chimney of kit briquettes all over the unlit ones and then add wood chunks.


More to follow

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Life is good. Delicious ribs. Better than I expected. Lovely colour tender texture but with just enough bite to prevent the meat falling apart..  even the smoked potato I put the Meater in tasted nice. As lindsey said like a bonfire night potato.   And to top it off West Ham are 2 nil up.  

I wrapped them in foil for the last hour having sprayed with Apple juice just before wrapping. And the for the last 20 mins brushed with sauce I made and left unwrapped so the sauce glazed the ribs. And then more finger licking sauce to serve. Sticky fingers food.




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