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Beginner needing advice on smoking in bad weather, any help would be appreciated!


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Hello all,

So I've been interested in cooking (with a bigger interest in meat) for a while now, and I love BBQing. Today, my first smoker arrives! I have a landmann kentucky smoker arriving (I know it's not the favourite smoker amongst the pro's but it'll do for a beginner), and honestly I CAN NOT WAIT to start smoking. I work 9-5 every week day so I'm kind of restricted to only smoking on the weekends, I had my heart set on smoking my first bit of meat this weekend, however it's going to rain all weekend. My question is;

I have a shed in my back garden that my grandfather built when I was younger, it can fit the BBQ in, and has gaps between each plank of wood, meaning smoke could escape providing some ventilation. Would this be a viable option? If so I was thinking of spending some time in it making it my personal bad-weather-smoking-shed. What are people's thoughts? How would you approach this?

Thanks very much for your help in advance.
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Hi, firstly welcome to the Forum.

To answer your question regarding cooking inside your Grandfathers shed, basically give it a go. If there is to much smoke inside the shed, then you will have to add more ventilation. Simple way to do this is a fan fitted through the wall and some 100mm flexible (Aluminium) ducting, the type used for Tumble Driers. Place the end near, not over the top of the Landmann Chimney and this will duct the smoke outside. If you place it directly over the Chimney, it may cause to must draw and you might not be able to finely control those temperatures.


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Thank you for your help mate! I was a bit worried about carbon monoxide but there’s a flap at the back of the shed so I think I can get it work. 

Are there any other reasons why I wouldn’t be able to smoke this weekend with the bad weather or is it just the rain I need to avoid.

Also, is there a meat you recommend for a beginner? I want to do brisket but I know it’s super hard so I might do lamb shoulder or maybe a whole chicken?

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I cook inside in The Dog House, but it has plenty of ventilation and a fan in the roof.

Weather is a big factor to consider when using your smoker, not just bad weather!

Wind, will cool the body of the Smoker quickly, so people shelter their smokers to avoid the wind.

Rain will cool the body as it hits it.

Sun! To sunny and most smokers being Black will absorb heat.

So you can see, you have to battle ALL the elements.

My recommendation, not always popular when you are eager to get cooking, play with it for the first day without cooking any thing, to see if you can maintain a set temperature, say 125’C. Then once you are confident with that, go with the Chicken option. It’s a cheap item to purchase.

One essential piece of equipment is a dual temperature probe. One that will record the Pit Temperature, and One to Record the Meat Temperature. 

There are many on the Market, but something like the Inkbird is a good piece of kit.

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The smoker itself has a thermometer and I have a meat thermometer for internal, Will this do?

oooo god it sounds like a real challenge! I already have a lamb shoulder so I may try that just because it’s more exciting haha. Having a play with it first definitely sounds like the wise idea, let’s see if I can be patient enough haha! Practice makes perfect first

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Most hardwoods are ok, have a look at these it will give you a good idea of what are common woods used.

Never use any wood from conifer or evergreen trees. Just stay away from high resin producing woods like pine. Not only can they be deadly, they can make your food bitter as well. Yes, I know that cedar planks are popular for cooking salmon on, but I don’t know anyone who burns cedar as a smoke wood. I have also heard that elm, eucalyptus, sassafras, and sycamore can induce a bad flavor as well.

This is a good Guide to woods and flavour.

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Hi & welcome to the best forum in the UK....t1602.gif 

I'm down in Warwick if you need to pop down at any time,  take on board what Smokin as said down to every word, he's da man.

Back to your predicament, first of all, stay safe....leave the shed door open,  do you have a gazebo???  pop that up next to the shed that may help you out!.

I have a Landmann Kentucky smoker myself,  bought it last year,  do take time to read the post on building the smoker, you will need some fire rope and bit of DIY,  but you'll get there with a little help.....make a Pit Master out of you yet.

If your going with lamb take it nice and slow,  don't go OTT on the smoke if you or your family are not used to it. If at any time you think it may be getting too much wrap it in a double sheet of foil....this will allow you to keep cooking but will hold back on the smoke.

If you're on Amazon Prime you could get an Inkbird thermo by the next day, this will free you up from wondering if the meat is cooked....go by the internal temp and you on to a winner......


Ice.  t1602.gif




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I’m already a huge fan of this forum! Both so helpful! I am a customer on prime I’m getting some utensils gloves and a dual thermometer for tomorrow! I can clear the shed out and add some ventilation tomorrow night, only thing stopping me from smoking this weekend now is a good source of wood! Like I said there’s www.sylogs.co.uk but they seem to provide for more kind of home fires and stuff so I don’t know if it’s interchangable.

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We have a log burner so use hardwood logs now,  I did,  last year buy a couple of bags of logs from Homebase for using on the Landmann which worked out well.

Great news about Amazon, gloves are a must along with the thermo your set to pop your "smoking cherry"  t2033.gif     

Ice. t1601.gif


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6 minutes ago, goldencrunchs said:

Oooooo I can’t wait.

so hold up... charcoal and hardwood from Homebase will work fine in my landmann? So tempted to try brisket but probably not good for my cherry, that’s like trying to please an experienced woman my first time haha! 

That’s one way of putting it, I would say it’s more like Sutton Coldfield FC taking on Brazil 🇧🇷 

  • Haha 1
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Right so then guys, here’s my plan, please point out where I go wrong.

Im about to order the gloves, dual thermometer, and utensils for next day delivery. (Plus a briquette starter chimney thingy if I can afford)

tomorrow I will go to Homebase to get 100mm aluminium foil, charcoal briquettes, and some hardwood. I will build my landmann smoker after reading your guide, move her into the shed, and setup the foil close to the landmann chimney and out the hatch at the back of the shed. Then on the weekend, it’s time to smoke! 

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