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I believe do not smoke sliced. Smoke then slice off what you need. It will last longer unsliced. Personally I slice after smoke and vacc pac portions and freeze. It defrosts real quick. And the flavour is the same. In fact my fridge is full of bacon at the moment

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3 hours ago, markie_q said:

How long can you store bacon in fridge sliced and unsliced?

What's the longest you can leave between smoking sessions?

Typically you will smoke the meat almost as soon as it has finished curing. Once cured though the shelf life counter will begin to tick. With the cooler temperatures this time of year (<8 C) you can happily smoke for 24+ hours in one go.

When the weather warms up then you are best to smoke overnight when it is cooler and refrigerate during the day. This can be done over 3 or 4 nights

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Thanks for the info. 


I have a smoked batch from when I trimmed my fingers. It's been vac packed as a smoked joint since 19/12. I've tasted some and or could do with being a little smokier. It's it too late to smoke again? It still tastes nice, so not bothered if I can't. 

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