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Has it spoiled?


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Just been checking some bacon I have curing currently. 

It went in on 23/12 and was planning on removing tomorrow. 

It's going brown in places, hopefully you can see in the pictures. (Along the top)

Is this a sign that the meat has spoiled and should be discarded?


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10 hours ago, Icefever said:

We've had the same Markie, if that was me I would trust my nose....if it smells ok....or trim the end bit off???  


I don't have a great sense of smell, so will get the other half to later. It doesn't look healthy. The other half of the loin that was cut and cured separately looks fine

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The different muscles will take up water to differing degree and also will have differing amounts of myoglobin. Often the waterlogged muscle (from the brine released by the salt) combined with the watered down red colour, that is produced when Nitrite reacts with the myoglobin, makes the muscles look a washed out brown colour.

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Sorry to bump this old thread, but I just wanted to say thanks.

I've been searching for ever for some advice on the exact same situation with my loin which has been dry curing for 15 days, and being turned every other day. It was cured in dry mix of 3% salt (I did 2% and 2.5% before, and I felt both needed to be more salty), 0.25% Prague #1 and I forget how much brown sugar.

It's my first loin cure, having done a couple of bellies before, some areas of the middle and bottom (the exact same as OP) have turned that same colour, so I was looking to ensure I hadn't over cured or not turned enough or that it has just gone rotten. There is no bad smell whatsoever. I smoked it today, and it looks the same colour, but your reply regarding the myoglobin and the process by which the muscle changes colour put my mind at ease.


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