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Calls To Remove Nitrites From Processed Meats!


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Article on the BBC News Site where scientists and MP's are calling for the removal of Nitrites from processed meats like Bacon as they can produce nitrosamines when eaten which can cause cancer.

There are meant to be Nitrite free alternatives, but aren't commonly used in this country at the moment

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Everything we eat and drink is a balance and incurs some risk - the main thing is to maintain a balanced, un-sensationalised view of the risk so that an individual can  make an informed decision. Unfortunately the statistics that are usually used when this topic comes to the forefront are usually expressed in %age changes which are designed to make small differences appear very significant. A classic example of this is in the middle of the BBC article - In the UK 6 out of 100 (6%) people will get bowel cancer at some point. If they are given an EXTRA 50 g of "bacon"?? then this would increase to 7 out of 100 (7%). Now, in my reckoning this is an almost insignificant increase of 1%... but the way it has been portrayed is that 7 is an 17% increase on 6 - which for some reason they then rounded up to 18%. Even further down the article then went on to say that "the WHO said there was LIMITED evidence that 100 g of red meat a day increased the risk of cancer by 17%

I cannot understand why the BBC did not ensure consistency of source material and then present the statistics in a non sensationalist way... Oh yes... maybe because then it would not have been a story worth reporting!

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 Agreed the media reporting is a bias to whip up a story for interest or profit and seldon the truth. BBC have a heavy bias of liberalism. It is nonsense and out of step with modern times. The divide on this country can be laid at the BBC's door. They have done nothing but whip this up since the referendum to steer public opinion. How dare they presume to do that like some demigod of society. The only thing worse is the lack of leadership and responsibility in mps. Traitorus mps who vote contrary to what their constituency voted for is plain scandalous. They are supposed to be servants of society.  

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