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Tom Kerridge bbq book bargain.


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I wouldn't bother, personally.  I saw him on one video making an absolute mess of some short ribs and the video below of him making an absolute balls of some baby back ribs him him squarely in the "all fur coat and no knickers" category as far as barbecue is concerned.

Save your £11 and put it towards these ribs. I had some yesterday and they were outstanding.  And at no point was any of Kerridges nonsense followed!😁




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1 hour ago, The Chairmaker said:

He's a Michelin-starred chef, so there's that.

He might also be a terrific BBQ cook too. However, he is doing an excellent impersonation of a terrible one! There's far better BBQ cooks to follow, IMHO. Malcolm Reed and AllthingsBBQ to name just a couple.

Cheers, I bow to your superior knowledge and will check your recommendations out 👍🏻

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My other half bought this book for her Dad for Fathers Day and we ended up keeping it for some reason, not sure why. The book has its moments but if you have any vegetarians in your family/friends the mushroom and halloumi burger with umami butter is almost worth the price of admission. Gonna steal that butter and put it on some chicken burgers I think. It's so good.

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