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  1. Dutchy

    Spanish Chicken

    This is one of my favorite dish to make Spanish Chicken
  2. Dutchy

    Oklahoma Onion Burger

    Haha, that’s not egg, it’s the Mustard
  3. This is my version of an Oklahoma Onion Burger, or if you want to be trendy a Smash Burger!
  4. ! I will unashamedly steal anyone’s recipe change one thing and call it a Dutchy Original!
  5. Borrowed it and slightly adapted it, that’s what I call it anyway!
  6. Adam, go for it, I had no confidence at all when I started, come to think of it 🤔 I still haven’t!
  7. This is my idea of a Paella, Chicken & Chorizo as I am allergic to Seafood! Original recipe form @Justin
  8. Just subscribed to you, great videos, one thing I would say, is drop the Episodes tag, as the more you make the numbers will get daunting. Also, you only have a limited amount of Characters to use in the title, use these to better effect with #......... People searching for #baconweavefatty will be directed to you.
  9. So last time out I did BBQ Beef Brisket in a Dutch Oven, so the obvious next thing to try is BBQ Pulled Pork! I did not add any sauce when pulled as I was freezing this for a later date, which I then added sauce when it was warmed up.
  10. Really pleased you liked it 👍
  11. On FaceBook will have to be quick!
  12. OK the draw has taken place And the winner is Wayne Naylor No11. Sorry folks it’s was not a member of the Forum
  13. Close to the wire that one! No 17 👍
  14. Closing @ 17.00 today (17/07/2020) !
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