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  1. Dutchy


    Hi Nick, welcome to the Forum, can’t go wrong with some Cast Iron! Made plenty of videos cooking with Dutch Ovens and Cast Iron https://youtube.com/channel/UCzGuyG-htUpHT4eKdzYxQUw
  2. Great to see you using Cast Iron 👍
  3. @Simon thanks for trying my Jalfrezi!
  4. New video out today, Colourful and Easy Cook, Chicken Tray Bake.
  5. Dutchy

    Cowboy Chilli

    New video, Cowboy Chilli cooked in a Cowboy Stove. Take a look at the video, if you want subscriber, as I will be doing a YouTube 1k sub giveaway soon, got to be in it to win it!
  6. Ending 2020 with a Korean Street Food Classic! Korean Sticky Chicken Wings! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but most of all, Stay Safe!
  7. Fun day cooking on the Tandoor Oven, Curry & Lime Popcorn. This method can be adapted for any BBQ that’s got hot coals!
  8. Winters on its way, so what’s better than a big bowl of Beef Stew & Dumplings! #dutchycooking #casironwednesday #castiron
  9. Hi CheshireSmoker, welcome to the forum. We are only to happy to answer questions. First off, if you could put photos up of your set up, then it would be easier to comment. Most people who use those methods use Briquettes, which tend to be harder/take more time to catch light. If you can get hold of a cheap bag of Briquettes and try them and see what the difference is.
  10. Dutchy

    Hungarian Goulash

    Winter is coming, so here’s a Winter Warmer!
  11. Hi @sotvits a BBQ-Toro grill not the Lodge Sportsman Grill! Could not get the Lodge here in the UK and the postage was very expensive. If you go in to the description of the video, and at the bottom , there is a link to Amazon, and the BBQ-Toro.
  12. Little bit early, but Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Dutchy

    Corned Beef Hash

    This is the Real Deal! WARNING! No tins where opened in the making of this video!
  14. Hi Simon, if you click on YouTube button right of video, Once in YouTube, click “Description” of video, then scroll down, there is a full list of equipment and where to order. (Amazon) I do get a small commission (very very small!) from Amazon as i am an Affiliated Partner.
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