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  1. Welcome on board fellow pyromaniac! Take a look at my Blog Site
  2. Dutchy

    Onion Rings

    Dutch Oven Onion Rings Dutchy Cooking
  3. Hi Peter welcome to the Forum. I am big into Live Fire Cooking, Dutch Oven and Cast Iron Cooking.
  4. Dutchy

    Skillet Chicken

    Thanks Justin, will look at halving the Title sequence. Its getting the right view from the Head Cam, was the only clip I could use to incorporate oven temperature. Will be adding two static camera angles to videos, as I did not think personally that all head shot was correct? It’s difficult when doing things not to move your head to much or too quick!
  5. Dutchy

    Skillet Chicken

    @sotv, it’s a learning curve and any feed back and s welcome. I have edited video to include time and temperatures 👍
  6. Dutchy

    Skillet Chicken

    All comments taken on board. I had an over head light, which did not work well. Temperature and times 👍 will add them in.
  7. Dutchy

    Camp Oven Chicken

    Simple Chicken, with Butter, Chives and Sage rubbed under the skin. Cooked in a Skillet in the Camp Oven.
  8. It was £12.00 from TKMaxx
  9. Got myself a vintage Cornbread Tin from America. About £14.00, with no import tax.
  10. Got myself a new Cast Iron Wok
  11. Mini Asado Belly Pork cooked at the 1st Anglia Tailgate.
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