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3rd round bacon.


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1.746kg meaty belly. Gone into cure today.

I butchered out the ones and they gone into a bag with pork rub for a pork nibble soon. 

Will cold smoke in wsm after cure.

Question. Does a min temp in the wsm whilst cold smoking matter like it does with salmon? If so what temp?

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20 hours ago, Justin said:

Happily smoked away for 12 hours through to 11 this morning. Wrapped on Clinton and on fridge again. @Wade  how long should I leave this before slicing and freezing.

I would leave it 3 or 4 days for the smoke flavour to penetrate before slicing. Depending on how much you make at any one time, unless you are going to freeze it, it is best to leave the majority uncut until you need it. Uncut it will have a shelf life of about 6 weeks in the fridge but once it is cut this will reduce down to a about a week.

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Thank you mate.  It has been in for a day, wrapped in clingfilm.  3 days to go. I take the point on only slice t what you need and if more people in the house ate it  but it is only for me.. but I am going to freeze it it will give me more flexibility.  

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Latest version is loin which has just been cured and washed patted down. Will put onto sugar maple pellet smoke and leave for next week to slice. what do  you think pellet smoke tube will make smoking time less than pro q maze dust 12 hour smoke?


Washing is out at the moment so hopefully cold smoke it this evening tonight in the wsm




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