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Cheese anyone???


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As a lot of us smoke cheese, we've decided to have another go at making the stuff. We've had a couple of goes at it at the beginning of this year,  only a soft cheese and it turned out ok.  I've been reading up on making hard cheeses, we've bought a cheese mould that makes a 1kg round.

Along with a culture and a few other bits& bobs,  I need to buy two small plastic chopping boards today to make the press.  Then tomorrow we start on making a cheddar....may as well go the whole hog, what with making bacon, wine, beer, where will it all end.

This is one of the sites I've been reading up on, as they have the recipe online, this is the one we'll try out.




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I've watched a lot of the videos from the fella from little green cheese, Gavin Webber. He seems to know his stuff.

I'm also looking at cheese making, just need more space for all these hobbies...

The boss has said once I finish converting the bathroom into a shower room I can start the cheese adventure.

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2 minutes ago, Adman said:

Nice press, looks to be just the job. I assume you are using water filled bottles as weights, I was worried about them sliding off but your press looks like it will be very stable.


Is today "cheese day"? Hope it all goes according to plan. 

It took all of 15 mins to build Adman,  seems like it should stand up to the job,  I've filled a Tupperware tube with water and that ways 3.2 kg,  I also have an old flat iron that is 3 kg also....

here goes.


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Well what a day yesterday turned out to be,  everything went brilliantly.  Our first try at hard cheese, but we're now hooked on making more.

We followed the recipe and it was so easy to do, cheese seems to do most of the work for you. The milk is brought up to 32c, you add the  Mesophilic culture,  Calcium Chloride and rennet and that's it. You just sit back and watch the milk change into curds & whey, how easy is that??.

Then after separating the curds from the whey,  you start the cheddaring, after turning the curds about 3 times it's ready for the press. You pop it in the press for 1 hour, take it out, turn the cheese over and put it back under pressure then for 12 hours.

A bonus is don't throw the whey down the drain, you make Ricotta cheese with it, so two cheese from one, can't be bad.    


Cheddaring for 45 mins.


In the press for 12 hours.


Out it came this morning at 04.00


Now it has to air dry for 3/5 days at room temp.


The bonus Ricotta, this will be used in a beef lasagne in the week. 

Rosie and I both enjoyed the whole experience, will we make more???  to bloody right we will.  There's a whole world of soft cheeses out there that don't need a press.  



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5 hours ago, Adman said:

I guess the airing at room temperature is now complete and you're preparing for the maturing stage.

Almost....... took a look this morning and there's still a small damp patch so I'm leaving it for another 24 hrs.

Are you waxing the cheese or cloth wrapping it as per one of the videos?

Sending for wax today

How did the lasagne turn out?

Out of this world...the recipe called for Ricotta and a couple of eggs   WOW.


None of the Lasagne, will follow up later on the cheese.




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1 minute ago, Adman said:

They look really good, I didn't think of vac packing, obvious really.

From what I've read and seen vac-packing is not the best way of storing cheese. When you think back it's a new "thing", I've done it because the fridge will be too cold at 4c,  as a cheese fridge it should be nearer 10c/12c. I'm waiting on a cheese coating and wax to arrive.

If you can get unpasteurised milk I've heard it makes a difference with stilton.

Yes, it is in fact, you can add a large tub of cream to help when making it.




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19 hours ago, Adman said:

Any news on the cheddar? It should be ready soon shouldn't it?

It's still in the fridge at the moment, what with all the upheaval with moving it had slipped my mind,  thanks for asking, will sort it out midweek.



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