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Turkey & Tinsel 2019

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Contacted Billing Aquadrome, and this was the response I got.

Hi Steve


This is a lovely idea, we have held our pods off for the first three weeks of December as we plan to operate a Winter wonderful during that period, the pods will be used by our traders selling things.


Did you have a weekend in mind that you would be interested in renting pods and how many were you thinking? Would you be interested in joining in with the Winter wonderful celebrations if I could get more information to you? 


What sort of thing would be interested in doing and would you rather members only?


Look forward to hearing from you




Members thoughts!

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All looks good to me.


Couple of thoughts, worth checking the price of pods for say the last weekend in November compared to the Winter Wonderful weekends to see if they are charging a premium.

With regards the event. I was thinking if people attending the event would be interested in buying say some cures and homemade rubs etc from the members there via a stall. The monies could go to yourselves to help with the running costs of the website and maybe some people who are confident in their knowledge and talking to the public who come up to the stall, can help with any questions they ask along with some prepared literature and promotion of this site? Or even flog pulled turkey or pulled pork buns and the like on a December day i am sure they would be very popular and once again the monies could go to  go to help running the costs of the website or put it to the cost of running future events?

Just as happy though to be part of our group and not the event and if members of the public come up as previous events to ask questions and share the food that would be just as good

Probably a regional thing, love the logo, but the wording looks back to front to me, always thought of it as Turkey & Tinsel not Tinsel & Turkey. but I am sure they are both correct :)

If the price is right, will be happy to book a pod early, so I can pencil it in the calendar.

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First off, changed the Wording, I did it one way then changed my mind.

I will email her and ask for prices for Pods, end of November or with in their Winter Wonderland period.

We could do some “Demos” on curing and smoking, with the addition of selling the cures etc. Selling the food would be a whole different game. Insurance, Hygiene (EHO) etc. ( @Wade )? 

Not sure the site pull be too happy if they have Stall Holders paying for space and we turn up and start selling stuff from camping pitches?

Lot to think about.

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Demo's sounds good, if it enables to hire pods for December weekends, but as I say more than happy to do our own thing as a group even if they have a seperate event going on at the same time...  It is just whether, they reserve the pods only for stall holders on the weekends in December, or have enough for our group as well?  how many pods do they have there,  do you know?

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So I have received an email back from the site.

To me it reads this is the first year they have tried this. Having stayed on the site, I think they are being very optimistic in charging £250.00 + Vat. (Not sure if it’s £250.00 per weekend or all three weekends).

Can not see how they are going to generate footfall.

And the Pods are quite small inside, so not sure how you would set up a shop inside, it would be one person out one person in!

This is the reply,

“Thank you Steve, sounds amazing!


Sorry for all the questions.


Would you be looking to use any pods over the following weekends –


1st and 2nd December

8th and 9th December

15th and 16th December


For the above weekends we are hoping to use pods for traders only the cost would be £250 + VAT if booked all three weekends before the 1st NovemberAfter the 1st November if there are pods available over the above weekends they will be released to the public. The idea is to turn our pod village into a Christmas market village so goods that can be sold from inside our camping pods are preferable.


Or is it touring pitches you would be looking for in the same area? which would be possible.


The pods for 23rd Nov for one night would be £42 and electric pitches £28, of course I would include £5 off every pod/pitch booked and I would honour these same prices for 20198 dates.


Many thanks



There will be plenty of camping/motor home/caravan pitches, and a waiting game for pods.

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Having to wait til November before you can finalise whether any pods left, may make it difficult to get the event off the ground at such short notice for December based on this years experience or to arrange an alternative if they didn't make any available for December come  November 1st? In my case I had 3 out of 4 weekends free in November for this years event, when we first talked about it in September, 4 weeks later I have ended up with a christening and a family xmas visit on the other side of the country. So ended up with just 1 free weekend and looks like that one is going as well the grandkids want to see Santa on a bloomin steam train. So from a personal point of view if something was finalised in the early/middle part of the year that I can confirm my booking, i can just say Sorry can't do that weekend got something else on. ?

I thought the prices based on November 23rd at £42 a night is very good value based on other sites that had larger quantities of pods available I have looked at and allowing motorhomes on sites is also another added bonus a lot of pod sites don't offer.

23rd November is just approx 4 weeks away from xmas and close enough to the big day? especially if  cold smoking is going to be one of the features of the weekends? It will give the cheeses and meats etc chance to settle before the big day? I and others have vacuum sealers I am sure that can seal the products for people, if they need it as well.

Anyway just a few of my thoughts and hopefully some others will come along in the coming days and weeks and share there's as well that maybe interested and a consensus can be reached in the coming weeks and months. Along with mentioning it at other tailgates to attending enthusiasts may help to bolster the numbers attending beyond the forum if a definite date and venue is confirmed earlier rather than later? 



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