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Utilised 1x  jumbuck kettle Bbq £15 and their tripod Bbq £5 as a fire basket construction.

Placed stainless steel screws through the leg holes and attached bottom vent to top bowl . So I leave this open when smoking . And close it when lifting out to empty . The fire bowl( ash collector )  beneath used a small tripod frame from a bucket Bbq . And this elevated it . It’s also easy to empty ash  . 

Probably will drill more holes in the top bowl . 





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No worries, I sort of followed a plan and help from some guys who advised what they did . My grill grate holders are slightly misaligned but with meat on the grill it balanced out. Lol 

looking at the intakes I would recommend 3/4 “ at the very least . 

Paintwork is rough ! But it’s an ugly drum . 

My other mistake was I have a lot of USA friends who build these to s lol . And they use the kits and and some great engine enamel paint . And fabricated metal shields and decals etc . 

Trully epic drums . But you need to spend a lot and I’d say first uds build it simple . Then next year get a kit and build a pretty one . 



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So I had a dilemma as when I first used it without a table . My hands were full . 

I had an old kettle Bbq side table . But the angle brackets didn’t quite fit . And I was limited for time . I went to Homebase and saw these fish topper grills stainless for £8 ! 

Put a clothes hook on end by screwing and washer . Then bought normal shelf bracket . Drilled out the holes and put this on the side . Does the job and I have a large Bbq cover over it . 

If I have more time I’ll re look at some more flashy options . But to be honest it’s there to cook on . 

And I’ll probably leave as is 



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