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Curried Chicken Thighs


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I will be cooking this tomorrow.


Makes 2 Servings

  • 250ml yoghurt
  • 1 to 2 tbsp of curry powder (use your favourite).
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp hot pepper sauce, Tabasco or your favourite
  • 4 boneless chicken thighs skin on or off each about 100g (No more than 340g per sous vide freezer bag)
  • Salt or Mara Seaweed
  • Ground black pepper


Stir yoghurt, curry powder soy sauce and hot pepper sauce in a bowl

Trim any cartilage off thighs if necessary.

Add to yoghurt mixture and stir complete.  (or put mixture in a freezer bag, add chicken, squeeze most of air out and know, massage gently until all chicken covered)

Put in fridge and marinade for 24 hours (if a rush, at least 4 hours).

Preheat water bath to 65 degs c

Transfer yoghurt mixture and chick to freezer bag and immerse in bath using immersion method (i.e. immerse zip freezer bag to 1cm below seal and air will expel then zip up bag, seal.

Cook 2 hours

Remove from bag and transfer chicken and sauce to plates served with plain white rice and simple minted cucumbers.

SCALING UP.  Just multiply up but do not put more than 340g of chicken thighs in one bag so use separate bags if cooking more than this.  Scale up to how many people you are serving for,

Variation:  After cooked, sealed transfer freezer bag to ice bath and chill for 1 hour (Ice bath at least half ice half water). Once child, can be stored in fridge for up to 6 days. 

1. REHEATING To reheating put in preheated 57.8 degs c water bath for 20 mins.  If you have frozen the instead of putting in fridge then that is fine, but allow 40 mins straight from freezer

2. GRILLING. When you want to use remove from fridge and remove chicken from bag scraping off most of the sauce, grill for about 10 mins (remember it is already cooked) or bbq etc...Should take about 10 mins  or until browned

Photos to follow


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Moved forward to tomorrow, so off to get some curry powder this morning then 24 hour marinade, 2 hour sous vide cook tomorrow, Some to eat hot, rest will be ice bath chilled and left for lunch of frozen for a a meal another time.

Ice bath is supposed be half ice half water but i found when chilling chicken breast I could use Tupperware with cold water place the bag in the cold water then top with a freezer block, proper thicker one like used for cool boxes.  Worked a treat. leave for an hour before putting in fridge or freezer, of course these thighs will have a source so may take longer to chill?


I will be using had pump freezer zip bag to seal these ones. because of the liquid in the pouch.  Will be fine as not cooking at 65 degs c not higher like 87 or something like that.

Definitely bringing sous vide to tailgate.

I might cook ahead on a few things and then warm them through to save a bit of time. for instance Matambre is good for 2 days before cooking or cooked they can last 5 days when cooled

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I also at the same time cooking a half portion of same and a half portion with TRS Mild Madras curry spice mix.

And a lemon chicken breast for lunch tomorrow. The two Curry pouches are chilling the frozen for future.  



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Looking forward to warming up the two bags I froze later this week, Will be interesting to see how the flavour may have changed.


Anyone else tried cooking this yet. I recommend you do, it is proper tasty. Use what curry powder you prefer.  Full fat yoghurt though , the half fat is not thick enough and diminishes the flavour rather than enhance it

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