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pork chops for tea, local butcher, big thick un's, they are local pork but i cant remember if he said the pork or the poultry was from just up the road so i wont count the meat as local cos it might actually be from the next county.


the spuds are from my garden, along with the spring onions, so very local and the cauli is from a roadside farm shop in upholland which is a couple of miles from me.



started the night before with a brine of salt/sugar, garlic and plenty of herbs and spring onions.



it was a nice day for it, this is my que area.




the cauli cheese was made with a mature chedder plus parmesan, spring onions and contained some bacon bits that i had crisped up earlier.

that went on first but only a few minutes before my skillet.




as soon as the skillet was ready, it was in with the spuds and a load of spring onions, i had added the fat that was left from crisping the bacon earlier along with a touch of olive oil.




once the spuds were underway, the chops went on the heat to sear then i moved over to cook through.



went ok with no issues and we still have a cauli cheese left (i'm gonna snaffle that in a minute for my breaky)



was nice, plenty of flavour got into the chops, the missus loved it so s'pose thats all that matters.


thanks for reading.


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looks fantastic smokeyjoe, the potatoes look perfect...something that tends to be abit hit and miss with me lol. Cauli cheese and the pork chops (proper ones aswell!) I bet was delicious.

You made the whole cook process look very streamlined and easy...I may have to try this myself soon👍

great effort!🍻

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