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15 minutes ago, Smokin Monkey said:

As I can remember when I did mine they where a little dry, probably why I have not done them again.

Aye, the recipe says to smoke at 130f and creep the temp up slowly to maintain moisture, but as I had a pork shoulder on top that wasn’t an option, will try it that way next time.

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13 hours ago, Thenegativeone said:

Turned out with a nice flavour, although I think I smoked them too hot and fast as they turned out quite dry. Smoked at 225f to an internal of about 76c. 

As Justin mentioned, a dry sausage is usually a sign of not enough fat in the mix. If you just used the pork shoulder and added no additional fat then that would have been insufficient. The sausage mix should contain between 20-30% fat to make it taste tender and juicy. Without the fat it will feel dry. The best fat to use is pork back fat (or fatback) but fatty belly pork can be used as well. You mentioned that the flavour was good so next time just substitute some of the pork shoulder for either back fat or belly pork.

A great book for sausage making is "The home production of quality meats and sausages" by Stanley and Adam Marianski.

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