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  1. Looks like you all had a great time despite the weather! I’m gutted I couldn’t join you all but unfortunately life got in the way.
  2. So, everyone’s home, and everyone has had chance to unpack and reflect on the weekend, new friends made and new food tried! With that in mind I thought it appropriate to start a thread for all attendees to share and request recipes that were cooked by others over the weekend, I know there’s a couple I want! Feel free to share or request recipes here, of course, no-one is obliged to share if they don’t want to, I know family recipes etc can be closely guarded secrets and no-one should feel pressured to share anything they don’t want to. PS: Mods, I hope you don’t mind me starting this thread, please delete or move if you feel this is inappropriate or in the wrong place.
  3. Had an amazing time once again! Great to see everyone, familiar and new! Huge thanks to @Wade and @Smokin Monkey as well as Joyce and Jill for organising the whole thing again and putting so much work in, and of course a huge thanks to everyone who turned up to break bread and share drinks, stories, laughs and knowledge! Heres to another great year and more to come. 👍🏻🍺
  4. I’ll let @Steve j field that one, I ain’t touching it with a barge pole 😂
  5. I think you’d have to pry the keys from his cold dead fingers 😂
  6. I’ve only just seen this thread but this seems like a great idea, if you’re still accepting prizes I’ll sort something out, not sure what yet but I’ll sort something.
  7. I could do with some if you want rid mate, I’ll reimburse you for it obviously.
  8. If I can get a diffuser, I don’t know if I’ll have room to take it though as I’ll be traveling down with my dad.
  9. So, I’ve been building a UDS (with a great deal of help from @Steve j just need a lid and a diffuser now, but I’ve popped over to test it out with his lid and diffuser to see what kind of temps I get and how it holds. Of course it would be rude to fire it up without any food in so I stuck a spatchcocked chicken in too. Seems to be holding steady so far, wish me luck, I’ll update later with results! Update: It went well!! Held temp really well, reacted to vent adjustment great and the chicken came out awesome mall in all I’d say a successful first run!
  10. Yeah man, I’ve done it before and I can never sleep late anyway in a tent, think I was up at 4:30 last year 😂
  11. Wow, looks like we’ve got a lot here! Anything people want to try that hasn’t been mentioned? I’m happy to do anything we’re missing. I was thinking beef ribs or a brisket for sat, along with a couple sides and maybe a pecan pie for dessert. Friday snacks I’ll probably just wing it Edit: I’m gonna bring some of my homemade smoked black pudding to if I get chance to make some before then. 👍🏻
  12. Happy new year to all, here’s to another year of great meet-ups, great food and great company 🤘🏻
  13. This is pretty close to the recipe I used (albeit with a few changes) and I found it needed much heavier seasoning for my taste. Obviously your mileage may vary and I’d recommend starting with a tried and true method first then experimenting from there. But have a go! It’s soething different and how many people can enjoy their own black pud on a fry up?!
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