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First smoker outing


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1 hour ago, Icefever said:

Just like me...you have to cut the rack so that it fits the ProQ...😉 😆...I have thought about using the hooks in the lid and let the rack hang, but then when it comes to the wrap how would that work?? 🤔.



Haven't tried it on the ProQ but done baby back ribs a couple of times by hanging them in my Pit Barrel now , which is a little deeper than the ProQ but they cook as well (if not better) using this method than any other device I've tried  so far by hanging them. Found no need to wrap, I just put a hook in each end of the rack so I can switch them around half way through the cook. Takes about 3 hours in total to get baby backs fully cooked at 250-260F. Baste them with your sauce 20- 30 minutes before they're ready, the smallest end ribs gets a bit charred otherwise the rest of the rack has been great. 

As I say not tried it with the ProQ Frontier version, but remove the waterpan and either hang half size spare ribs or a rack of baby ribs can't see why it wouldn't work so long as you maintain somewhere between 250-270F temp if that can be done on the ProQ without a waterpan? the charcoal and wood smoke taste is on another level without the water pan. I'd stick a grate over the charcoal in case one drops over the charcoal and so long as you spot it quickly should be able to be saved. Haven't had it happen yet, but is the main worry when coming to hanging meat for me.

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