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Hello from Northampton


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Hi Mo. The bullet smoker is the way to go as it is very versatile and is easy to control. It won't completely replace the kettle BBQ as sometimes we need to grill too. You can use the bullet smoker as a grill but it is not designed for doing that.

Have you looked at the types of bullet smokers available? What will your price range be?

Most professional BBQ competition teams use bullet smokers for their cooks. You would not regret getting one 👍

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Hi Wade, thanks for your input.

Im looking at the ProQ and WSM, leaning towards the ProQ for its versatility and it has the silicone tabs on the air vents so won't keep having to put gloves on when adjusting them. Budget is 300-350 and then add accessories like a pizza stone/plancha later

I currently have a large gas grill for large parties and flipping cheap burgers but my brother in law has got me into smoking meats


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For clarity you can do same on WSM of course but they are very similar. Also consider how to fit a smartfire to the pro q vs the wsm? Not use it makes any difference but have not  looked at pro q in that sense.


For disclosure I love my WSM

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