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  1. I've got a thermopro 2 probe thermometer, at the moment i got about 5kg of briquettes but can swap once its finished if lumpwood is better
  2. Thanks. I've gone for the MT, should be here tomorrow. Looking forward to the weekend. Will be starting with something easy like chicken
  3. Hi everyone I'm looking for some advice on what to get. ProQ fontier or Weber MT (open to other ideas, budget 300-350 initially but can add extras like pizza stones later on) The largest cut I'll be cooking will be the occasional lamb leg or shoulder, most mostly cooking chicken. Some pizzas and smash burgers. I already have a 4 burner no brand gas bbq but wanted to move back to charcoal
  4. Nice one Simon. How long does it take to cook and what temp?
  5. Looks like I've missed out on the Christmas and black friday deals that were on Do we have a forum discount? The fontier would be the right size for me
  6. Hi Wade, thanks for your input. Im looking at the ProQ and WSM, leaning towards the ProQ for its versatility and it has the silicone tabs on the air vents so won't keep having to put gloves on when adjusting them. Budget is 300-350 and then add accessories like a pizza stone/plancha later I currently have a large gas grill for large parties and flipping cheap burgers but my brother in law has got me into smoking meats
  7. Hi everyone Im Mo Being using charcoal and gas bbqs for years but recently a friend of mine has introduced me to charcoal smokers. Looking to buy a bullet style smoker but i think I'll learn a little more before diving in. Thanks
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