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Built a cold smoker!

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I’m not really sure what happened on Friday night but I got really excited about making a cold smokehouse over the weekend. 

I’d been using a callow bullet smoker but donated it to my brother to begin his cold smoking journey - and I felt the 57 smokey mountain was a tad large for my little-but-often needs:D6519BA7-DA28-4BB1-A46E-089DDD865379.thumb.jpeg.43928c23fa7d87b85023a3a6ffe3b903.jpeg

So I’d seen a video on YouTube of a guy with a somewhat smaller wooden smokehouse and decided to buy a load of wood on Saturday and just see what happened.

I’ve not really done much woodwork - a ‘bench’ I’ve made is now a shoe rack and general detritus shelf as it’s not entirely safe to be sat on; but I’m a bit like a dog with a bone when I have an idea.

i ended up going with pine and was lucky to find a load in the reduced section in b&q (my local timber merchant closed early on a Saturday which is a shame because they are CHEAP). The wood was planed smooth so there was little to do on the backend. 

I didn’t follow any plans as I just wanted it to be simple. Four panels to make a tall box, with a tight fitting magnetic latch door and a couple of air holes. Simple.


Panels I clamped to the edge of the table to assist with lining them up, then I used a bar clamp to get them snug.




then I glued and clamped the cross sections to hold the panels together before screwing them in.


before I assembled the panels all together, I positioned the magnetic latches so they would line up.


i then bar clamped the whole thing together and screwed in the roof and floor panels.


added a few internal cross sections so I could add shelving and cut some dowel to fit in snugly to hang meat . I also drilled two air intakes on the bottom on each side and two smoke exhausts at the top on each side, but I’m not sure if that is sufficient.

I finished it with an outdoor danish oil and a coat of classic wax after a light sanding, although it’s not going to live outside....

And hey presto! It’s not going to feature on grand designs but it’s functional (I hope):



So it should fit some salmon, cheese and bacon and is built to be just a tad larger than the callow smoker. Perfect for my needs and may even serve to hang/dry age. 

Tomorrow it’s going to get a seasoning and maybe a top handle....and then I’ve got two large bacon bellies that have been curing for a couple of weeks:


Thanks for reading!

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Yes - 8 holes at the top and keep the 4 at the bottom. You are looking to encourage a flow of air/smoke through the smoker by convection. The cool air coming in at the bottom will be heated by the CSG and will naturally rise so you want to give it good ventilation at the top to escape.

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