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Cheesecloth That Is Suitable For Straining Pork Lard Liquid


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Does anybody make there own lard from pork fat trimmings on here? I want to have a go at making some (along with the crackling afterwards) from the rendered pork, but wondering what sort of cheesecloth is best for straining once done. Can you only use cheesecloth suitable for single use for pork fat or are the re-washable ones usable for a task like this?

If you do make your own, any recommendations you may have, if you do this sort of thing I would be grateful.


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Not something I’ve ever done but from what I remember from the old chip pan on the stove full of lard days all the crud sinks to the bottom once it starts cooling, Can’t you Pour through a metal sieve and cool in glass so you can see what you’re scraping off? 

Straining hot lard seems a bit dicey to me. 🤷‍♂️

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This is the method I have bookmarked to try out.

From what I am reading, it is the bits that aren't strained properly that cause mold/rancid bits on the lard over time.

Doing a piece of shoulder in the next week and that fat is meant to be very good for lard and I have started to do a lot of frying in skillets and the high smoke point of lard is something that would help me. If successful, then will have ago at Beef Tallow from the beef fat as well.

I make mine own Bone Broth and stocks and the flavour is so much better than any shop bought equivalent product. 

Seems a good way to use up stuff I would throw away normally and the crackling pieces after rendering down has to be a bonus.

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