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Did i get a reasonable deal


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Ok i have a basic meat thermometer, and the one in the lid that lies to me continuosly, so i thought i would look foe something better, or at least an improvement.

I found a Nobebird on the bay, new , bidding but no one bid its starting price was 2.99 plus postage 3.50 it ended at midnight ish and i would be long in the land od nod by then , so i bid a max bid of 20 of my finest English pounds and won it for £20 ish inc the postage. 

Has anyone got one, what are they like? Any reviews, did i get a deal or get shafted?


Let me know 




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Looks good,

You could always test it yourself.

Fill a container with Ice and water, wait 10 minutes then insert probe, be sure to only insert 1/2 the probe, they will probably not be water proof. It should read 0’C

Then Boil a pan of water, when boiling insert the probe (again only 1/2 of the probe) it should read 100’C this should give you a guide to how accurate it is.

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9 minutes ago, Colin39 said:

I will do a small review, im a lot dislexic so lots of pics and not much spelling or punctuation 👍

Will be here tomoz, ribs and chicken today tho testing out the cheap smoker mods 👍👍


Just take pictures Colin, as they say a picture tells a thousand stories!

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