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The wind & pulled pork

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Is anyone else having problems with the wind today? One moment completely still next moving tree I gauge wind by about like it’s a kids toy!!

temp going up and down like a yo-yo, all timings shot, best I stick another couple of bottles of rose in the cooler for management 🤞🤞

also running Napoleon coconut briquettes , good heat but a lot of ash, burn rate ok but need to riddle the fire box to keep temp in range more often than expected unless it’s the wind......

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Yep London a tad on a breeze BBQ lite now, easy as wind makes it ready fast and hot, so gotta keep eye on it. Peri chicken on and lid on be fine, nothing difficult now

All adds the the fun, and mans gonna have his chicken 


Lid on to calm bbq down, temp down, lid off turn picks up lid on, with little gap and vents open, always been fine for me

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I really wanted to go for a stick burner (because its "the real BBQ"), but to be honest I don't want to play kindergarten teacher the whole day. As long as it is ribs I'm happy with a kettle or the kamado.

But now as I started longer smokes... idk. Today was an eye opener.

Might invest in a smokefire or in a Masterbuilt

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44 minutes ago, U can do that again said:

Well kept on preserving in the wind, on first pulled pork . Photo attached as it’s resting.


I can live with that, cant see it cut. If the outsides not what you like or want, scrap a bit off, enjoy. Tuck in. Next time be even better. Good on you

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