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I can add a little here about saffron

This link


The first is Greek, I have this in strand and powder form, very dark and quality is tip top, very expensive thou, and £7.50 is a fair price

I have used it, a little is loads, and powder is in sweets and jellies etc, or however you want, be careful thou its really strung taste as ground, so less is required

Very strong flavor and colour is one of the best in the world

The second is Spanish, bread and butter or the best saffron around, where I live its £3 or I cant remember for 4 or 8 GMS, I will check

Great, easy doe sit all world-class, very popular in Indian/Asian cooking

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10 hours ago, flearider said:

vacuumed tube .. one of those 4 clip things .. well 4 to be honest .. :) 

https://www.poundstretcher.co.uk/3-pack-square-food-boxes-200ml but they do do a bigger one .. 

These are what I use, one box per spice and label and date the box so you know when old

Spices do go off the boil, so toast them a little, crush, blend grind etc to get them going again, never quite as strong i find when older

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