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Rotisserie stacker

Adi dassler

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On 6/3/2020 at 1:09 PM, Adi dassler said:

Just bought a new stacker to butcher so I can use my lid with the rotisserie. Has anybody else done this ? Just wondering if it would rust


I never owned the rotisserie, but why would you want to use the lid with it? I am sure I have always seen it sit on top of 1 stacker sat directly over the coals , with no lid. So you would get maximum air to the coals for the temps needed to cook with, I would have thought.



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I've found it doesn't cook evenly. When I'm doing a Kelly bab the outside burns whilst the middle doesnt cook. I'll have more control over the latter stages of the cook. It'll be better on fuel consumption,I probably use more fuel cooking on the rotisserie than I do cooking a brisket. Plus it's another option for my grill

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