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ProQ Ranger & 1st time smoker


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14 hours ago, Pmurray190 said:

Just got my new present and now gonna try to learn to smoke. (Lincoln)

Smoking goal is brisket!

Hi & Welcome plenty of ProQ owners on here, if any questions.

45 minutes ago, CWC said:

Much as I like my ProQ Ranger I have preordered the frontier model, I find the grill size just to small on the Ranger but don't tell the wife lol

You only just bought the Ranger as well didn't you? Early signs of an addiction there 😀 It'll be the Excel next month!

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:welcome: A bullet smoker is a great place to learn and easy to pick up IMO. I'd suggest pork or chicken for a first cook. Pork is very forgiving and cheap. Smoked sausage is dynamite and hard to over do with a Thermometer. Oh yeah invest in a Dual probe thermometer at least. It'll make a difference. 

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Is it 102 on the in built dial? These can be a little out but a good quick indicator. 

Yeah weather will play a factor plus if you have anything in the water bowl? Water/Sand and how much. or even dry. 

I built a wee shelter for my WSM and don't find that the wind plays too much a difference just the ambient temp but i just adjust vents to accommodate

Also if it's a new smoker it will take a few cooks to seal it up with gunk/carbon and that will help shape and change the cooks until it does. 

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Weber briquettes. Approx 2kg cold 1kg in a chimney starter. Minion method.


2 temp probes at upper and lower cooking positions.

Might see what happens when the water runs low. Dish is wrapped in foil.


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13 hours ago, Pmurray190 said:

Most importantly learnt a lot about how the ProQ behave

I'd say this is the most important thing. Even of the food is only ok it's still better than what you'd find pre made in shops etc. But learning how to control and use the smoker is key as each one will differ slightly and weather/temp will play a role as will how much fuel and how much is lit. I also found the first few cooks i was constantly looking so wasn't cooking. 

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