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Smoked Garlic

Smokin Monkey

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Thanks for this, how long before the smoke has settled in the Garlic Bulbs and ready to use i.e. like cheese is better after 3-5 weeks after being cold smoked.

Does it stink out the smoker. As I will drop some cheese into the smoker after the 10 hours smoking Garlic to use the last couple of hours of the Cold smoke generator up and I don't really want 5 kg of cheese to end up smelling of Garlic afterwards? Happy to do the garic after the cheese if it does though

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I like to hot smoke my garlic after a cook using the remaining heat, bung on some oak on a indirect heat at about 150F for 90 minutes or so & it's lush. Won't keep as long as cold smoked as the cloves are a bit softer, but smells beautiful in the house. 

Better still, crush some up to make garlic butter. 


Grab a nice big spanish onion & stick that directly on the charcoal for an hour until it pops. fantastic with brisket in a sandwich......

Cheers n Gone Nick


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