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Easter 2020


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So I finally got round to smoking a Boneless Rib Roast I've had in my freezer since Christmas. 

1630  - Seasoned with my homemade blend of Garlic Salt and Black pepper. Smoker on using the Weber basket and have set WSM up as a kettle for todays cook. Using Whisky Oak chips that have been soaked for about 30 mins in water drained and wrapped in small foil packets. 

1638 Meat in Smoker. Boiling water in tray underneath. 


1750 - Opened smoker, meat 20c rotated the joint. didn't take pic. 

1855 - Wanted to check in see how it was doing. Meat 41c


1950 - Meat 51c


1956 - Meat out to rest. 54c Meater advised cooking to higher (57c) but felt the rest would bring it up a few degrees if i could wait the suggested 30 mins. Plus I set it for 54c. 


2010 - Got fed up waiting and carved. The GF wanted me to get a shot of the back end also. (I think I've secretly converted her 😄)


Dinner served, Took the pic before I covered in gravy made from the liquid below. Roast spuds done in the Airfryer. 


2250 - Briquettes left after shutdown. Not many but that's fine. Cheap ones from Argos. 


Copy of the Meater log. Cooking temp was lower than I'd like around 100c. Dome was reading 175c so quite a difference there. I know dome can run hotter, I'll assume its because it was set directly above the coals 😕


Overall about 3hrs 30 Mins cook time. worth it in my opinion. First time doing a roast in smoker and won't be the last. Got more than half it left for dinner tonight. I'll reheat in oven using meater to save from overcooking. Gravy was awesome, I'd recommend using a drip tray for any decent roast/bird for those that haven't. Put some veg in for extra flavour and let that roast whilst in it. strain or blitz for preference. 

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