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Found 8 results

  1. hoogl

    Easter 2020

    So I finally got round to smoking a Boneless Rib Roast I've had in my freezer since Christmas. 1630 - Seasoned with my homemade blend of Garlic Salt and Black pepper. Smoker on using the Weber basket and have set WSM up as a kettle for todays cook. Using Whisky Oak chips that have been soaked for about 30 mins in water drained and wrapped in small foil packets. 1638 Meat in Smoker. Boiling water in tray underneath. 1750 - Opened smoker, meat 20c rotated the joint. didn't take pic. 1855 - Wanted to check in see how it was doing. Meat 41c 1950 - Meat 51c 1956 - Meat out to rest. 54c Meater advised cooking to higher (57c) but felt the rest would bring it up a few degrees if i could wait the suggested 30 mins. Plus I set it for 54c. 2010 - Got fed up waiting and carved. The GF wanted me to get a shot of the back end also. (I think I've secretly converted her πŸ˜„) Dinner served, Took the pic before I covered in gravy made from the liquid below. Roast spuds done in the Airfryer. 2250 - Briquettes left after shutdown. Not many but that's fine. Cheap ones from Argos. Copy of the Meater log. Cooking temp was lower than I'd like around 100c. Dome was reading 175c so quite a difference there. I know dome can run hotter, I'll assume its because it was set directly above the coals πŸ˜• Overall about 3hrs 30 Mins cook time. worth it in my opinion. First time doing a roast in smoker and won't be the last. Got more than half it left for dinner tonight. I'll reheat in oven using meater to save from overcooking. Gravy was awesome, I'd recommend using a drip tray for any decent roast/bird for those that haven't. Put some veg in for extra flavour and let that roast whilst in it. strain or blitz for preference.
  2. Hi all, Happy new Year. I thought I'd share my Christmas Eve cook. I would've shared earlier but I ended up in Hospital again with another bloody abscess. 😷 Brined Salmon overnight in a mix of 500g Light Brown Sugar and 320g Coarse Salt. (Just one bag/tub of each) Left it in the fridge for a few hours after washing and drying on rack. It was firm throughout, though a wee bit closer to bottom could've been brined more. Pigs in blankets, homemade wrapped supermarket sausage and bacon. made about 100 between these in smoker and rest in oven. All had a Maple (2 Parts) Bourbon (1 Part) glaze that they Marinated in overnight in ziploc bags. 1710 Salmon on, Pigs already on for 30 or so mins. Smoker maintained 120C roughly. Had to put a bit more Charcoal in as I did let it drop as I was trying to ration my Charcoal (Shed leaked and turned a bag mouldy) . First time not using the water pan at all. Used the last of my Apple and Cherry chunks of wood. 1737 - Pigs been on for about an hour so decided to turn. 1834 - Salmon done ( a few degrees under with the meater using the resting period to come to Temp 65C I hit 66C as was a little late taking it out WSM. 1835 - Salmon Resting, I did cover loosely with foil. 1905 - Used my instant read probe Pigs 75c 1912 - Salmon Sliced. 1913 - Salmon Served with Maple Bourbon Pigs in Blankets, Hasselback Spuds and veg Anytime I've done Salmon I've lightly oiled the foil with EVOO (Never noticed a lingering smell/taste in next cooks.). I find the smoke still gets all around it and my long suffering Lady said it was the best flavour yet (Done about 4 of them). I was told that next year I need to do all the pigs on the smoker. First smoke with the Meater+ but did do an oven roast the night before. Found it really easy to use and gave great results on both cuts of meat. A couple of connection issues even with the + Model so just need to be aware as I move from Smoker to Kitchen.
  3. I saw a recent BBQ Shed on here by @Phlashster and thought I should share mine I build a couple years back. Start of the frame. I wanted to be able to take it apart for the one Sunny day that Scotland has so I used toggle clamps to secure the wall frame so I could take apart with no tools. Also put a deliberate run from front to back so rain would run off. I was going to use an overlapping joint. But went with a Butt joint instead. Sides, back and door attached. I used lift off hinges again to dismantle/open up whilst keeping on the wheelie base. Ran a bead of sealant between the slats to give a little water protection. Shelter in place. The previous owners had mad this handy wee square that was begging for a Smoker/BBQ to be placed. This point is pretty much central in garden so an ideal spot away from neighbours that if it went up in flames it wouldn't cause damage to them WSM in place. Food on. Roof sits about Two inch above frame. Open at Front/Back to allow air flow/smoke to escape. Food Tax - 3-2-1 method on ribs. I can't remember times/temps. I do have a vid/gif of the smoker in action but it won't upload. Overall it's been a great build. I completed it around 11th Nov 2017. So it's lasted almost Two Years. A few things issues though. The Cons The idea of taking it apart so I didn't have a big shed in middle of garden when using during dry days was pointless as I usually just took the WSM out of the shed and placed it where I wanted. The wee clips are nickel plated and haven't held up well to the weather. It also fell apart the first Feb due to high winds. I managed to keep the clamps together by twisting garden wire through the hole to keep shut. The lift off hinges. - I should've used longer ones to support the door and maybe a Z frame. The walls - too heavy for my frame and I should've used a T&G or half lap joint etc (but only had limited tools) as with the weather and the heat from the WSM they have separated/warped quite badly. I Did use a garden furniture oil to help protect the timber. The roof - same as above so I do get water leaking in. Or I should've put a felt on top. The floor - I never got round to building - Had originally planned to use an industrial lazy susan to access vents but don't find the need to adjust once dialled in. Should've put in a hanger for the WSM lid. The Pros It has served me well and I have managed to do at least 4 December cooks including Salmon & Gammon for the last Two Christmas Dinners. It has great robust wheels on it so it moves easily. Once I've Dialled it in I don't need to adjust. The walls/roof act as an excellent wind break. I know use it against the house closer to Kitchen since I'm not worried about the fire risk. Even managed my 16 hr overnight cook in it. Convenient place to hang my wireless thermometer and tools out the rain. It was only a temporary solution until I build a proper shelter next year and SWMBO loves getting year round cooks. Protected the WSM and gave me an additional storage option instead of laying in shed all winter. All in all I've been happy with my build. it's not perfect and I am a clearly amateur DIYer but hopefully it can give others an idea/inspiration and get some year round cooks on the way.
  4. hoogl

    LIDL Tomahawk

    I picked up one of those Tomahawks from Lidl on Friday. Managed to get a smoke done on the Saturday. Chicken - Garlic Salt & Black Pepper Steak - Garlic Salt & Black Pepper Sweetcorn - Butter, BBQ rub wrapped in foil 16:00 - Chicken breasts, Peppers and Corn on bottom rack. 17:20 - Steak and Venison Sausages on top rack over top of veg. Chicken around 30c+ 18:30 - Steak 54c , Sausages 65c+ resting on board loosely covered in foil. 19:30ish - Chicken 74c 19:35ish - Reverse sear with weed Burner until storm hit and send me in early. πŸ˜₯ WSM held around 120c during full cook. Water pan foiled both top and bottom with about 1.7l of boiling water in. Used Briquettes and two chunks of Apple wood. Steak had a light smoke But I Do prefer a harder wood such as Oak for beef. Venison always takes the flavour well and the chicken was lovely. Mrs devoured the peppers as she loves them smoked. Steak Resting - just under 1KG Steak Seasoned Lower rack about an hour in. Steak and Sausage on top Rack Steak and Sausage done Chicken about 2hrs in Steak Resting Seared unfortunately torrential rain hit and cut short so not as much char as I'd like. Steak Sliced - No flash Steak sliced - Flash Sunday Leftovers
  5. Hi all, I'm attempting my first overnight pulled pork. 3 Pork Shoulders from ASDA. Trimmed off the fat cap rubbed with homemade rub. Made a spritz of 200ml Apple Juice 50 ml of Cyder Vinegar. Plan is to pull the pork off at 9am ish wrap in foil and towels rest in a cooler and serve around 12ish. 17:00 - Put the pork on. 18:30 - First Spritz 19:40 - Second Spritz 20:50 - Third Spritz 22:10 - Fourth Spritz 23:30 - Fifth Spritz - Prepping for bed. Added more coals (Smothered fire, dug lit coals back out to allow air in. Added more hot water to pan and extra apple juice in the drip tray.) 00:15 - Sixth Spritz 01:30 - Seventh Spritz - ET - 733 probe in one of the butts suddenly spiked from 75c to 100c. I think I have got the wire wet checked with instant read and butts 78 - 82c Hopefully it's bed time. 08:00 - Woke up ET - 733 reading over 110c for butt 08:30 - Dome temp 110c. IT of Butt on wired therm 95c. All 3 butts double wrapped in foil, wrapped in towels placed in towel lined cooler. 13:00 - 2 butts pulled and served. Too much other food was served so I've kept a butt for my dinner tonight. I'll continue to update
  6. hoogl

    1st Cold Smoke.

    Just finishing my first cold smoke. I couldn't wait to try out the Cold smoke generator. Decided to go with Oak. Put the CSG in the bottom. Water bowl empty foil on bottom from last smoke. Grease proof paper over the grates after I stabbed holes in it. 5kg Mature CheddarCostco 800g Gouda - Asda 18:30 - Lit the CSG 18:45 - Cheese in the WSM 19:45 - Checked the taste of one block of Cheddar. - Very light smoke 20:45 - Checked the taste of the same block - A nice wee smoke flavour appearing. (Decided to brave one more hour) 21:45 - Quick taste as I take off the WSM and rest in the fridge for an hour or so - Very nice smoke flavour and smell. 22:00 - Throw on some random Rock salt I have since the CSG is still going. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ 22:45 - Start Vac packing. (I hope my neighbours don't mind the noise) 00:10 - Finish packing (last block wouldn't work so used cling film.) I've included pictures. I did put some labels on the cheese with a use after date on it. Up to 6 blocks are going to be used next week for my Dad's Bowling club Cheese and Wine night ( there will be other cheese available plus once the wines open they won't care😁). The rest i'll keep or give to friends/family and ask for feedback on the taste. I did read previously that 3 weeks is an ideal rest period but thought I'll give it a bash.
  7. Justin

    Hi Form Essex

    Hi all, figure I'd joining. I have been smoking some things at now and again but want to get more involved so here I am. Hope I can contribute. 50 yo fatboy and counting. wish i could bbq big more.
  8. Phil

    Hi from Essex

    Hi from Essex. I'm Phil, from the west of Ireland, resident of Essex for 9 years now. I love cooking on fire!
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