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Midland Tailgate 20 Food menu.


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We done these before and it should help us not to finish up with a load of ribs and nowt else...ūüėā.

Friday 5th. Evening  Rosemany has plans on a good old time beef stew and crusty bread....followed by bread pudding or pancakes.

Sat morning  Breakfast..we will have our own Sausage patties & egg baps, also Bacon & egg baps.

We need the odd nibbles through the day....but what do you guys want to cook for the main event.???

There will be a tea urn for hot drinks all day. We have 2 x 6' prepping tables alond with a smaller table fit for the urn. If you have any sort of table/work top it would be very handy.

I think we will be ok for gazebo's, again if you have one please bring it just incase..





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I happy to nake a paella friday. No seafood to keep Steve happy. Saturday. Anything. If not want much tasty chicken drumsticks.  Otherwise aPudding on Sat. I will be happy to put something together. Depends how many come. Sunday. Tomato eggs as per usual if you want. You know me sides and pudding etc and some nibbles ribs skirt steak

 That usually goes down well

Beef stew. Tasty. Thanks Rosemary

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