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Bacon Sausage.


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I've just realized that we don't have a sausage section,  and yet surely sausage goes along with bacon???
I have made sausage, we have a grinder and nothing beats cooking your own bacon & sausage for breakfast.

I found this video of a guy making a Maple bacon sausage and must admit I would like to give it a go. 

Trying to step the temp up on a bullet smoker may be a little harder than using a cabinet smoker,  would be easier in the oven I think.

The guy does mention the USA smoking site that it comes from.
A trip to Bookers is on the calendar has I need a pork loin, we're getting low on bacon so need to cure a load.





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9 minutes ago, Icefever said:

I said the same to the wife, after all it's pork in both....perhaps we should call it....Bacsage?  or maybe Sauscon?? m01100.gif

Sauscon ! (Completely different to Comicon)

A gathering to celebrate the sausage. Everyone turns up in fancy dress of their favourite Sausage based dish.

Hahahaha. I am so in the holiday mood. Can you tell? T-4 days and counting. 


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