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Ancho Chillies

Dick Bee

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How hot are these chili's, I am quite sensitive to strong heat and it can easily spoil a meal for me.

Looking to try doing Carnitas on the smoker the weekend and frying them off the the end in a skillet. They all call for this ground dried Ancho chilli in it. Don't know whether to leave them out or give them a go if they're on the mild side. Anyone any experience of them. Ta

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Just now, David said:

I get all mine from Cool Chile Limited.


Thanks, ordered a small amount of already ground ancho powder to try first off ebay, as I really am a wimp when it comes to heat. Will see how my palate reacts to them first and if not to spicy will look to buy more. Got a cupboard full of stuff that will never be used, that I have previously bought. That is meant to be mild in the description and they have still been to powerful for me. Got a large bottle of Super Bock in the fridge to have with the Carnita's over the weekend if my mouth needs cooling, whilst eating them 😀


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