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Roll call entry - G'day, Bonjour & Howay


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I was born in UK (lived here until 11), grew up in NZ (until mid-20’s), lived in Quebec (until early forties), back in the UK (the wonderful North East) for close to 20 years – food influences are multiple. 

I've been a cold smoker on and off for about 25 years. Started in Canada with a True North Electric Smoker box - thin metal with three shelves and a drip tray. In Quebec in winter it needed blankets to stop the food at the top freezing overnight. I still use the same box but now with a ProQ dust smoker.  I'll smoke just about anything - including lots of seasonings.  I have a 2-burner top-down or top-up medium size Weber BBQ which is used to finish some cold smoked foods.  

Also I have been using  sous-vide cooking on and off over last 5 years and have combined the two on occasion. At various times over last 40 years have also been a semi-pro vegetable and fruit producer, amateur brewer, country/fruit winemaker, current forager, maker of terrines & pâtés, as well as pickle, jam/relish/chutney maker, a bit of rough and ready bread making, and have catered a couple of events for 60-80 people. Mixing smoked, cured and uncured meats, or smoked and unsmoked fish/shellfish, etc., and also finding the right fruits, vegetables, relish, pickle or jelly to go with the terrines, fish, meats or cheeses

I respect and enjoy the tradition, craft, science and the alchemy behind natural, traditionally processed and conserved foods as well as the idea we can make it up as we go along!  And then find the perfect combination.

So, cold smoking is a central part of food for me whether as a featured item, a seasoning, or an extra twist.


Looking forward to seeing what's on the forum - tips, techniques, recipes, and especially inspiration.

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